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Jamal Adams says to Seahawks after trading that he will ‘always love Jets fans’

Seahawks New Safety Jamal Adams may have burned his bridges with the Jets’ hierarchy, but he said he will ‘always love’ the fans of the team.

The Seahawks made a stunning swap on Saturday, relinquishing first-round picks in the next two NFL Drafts, a third-rounder and safety Bradley McDougald of 2021 to take over Adams, with the Jets picking a fourth-round by 2022 to Seattle as part of the deal.

It was a significant price to pay for Adams, a two-time Pro Bowler named first team All-Pro last year, his third in the NFL.

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The Jets’ sixth overall pick in the 2017 NFL Draft had requested to be traded after becoming frustrated that New York had not given him a new contract that he believed was justified. On Friday, he focused on coach Adam Gase, suggesting he was not “the right leader” for the team before relinquishing his anger to general manager Joe Douglas. Those actions may have played a part in his profession the next day.

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Nevertheless, Adams wrote a message to Jets fans on Twitter thanking them after hearing about his craft.

“For NY and especially for the Jets fans, I love you and will always love you,” he wrote. “You will all have a special place in my heart forever.”

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