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It looks like a toy, but no: it is the smallest motorcycle in the world and runs at a dizzying 2 km / h

The Gunbus 410 has the honor of being one of the largest motorcycles in the world. It weighs 650 kilos, is the size of a car and has a power of 350 hp. A motorcycle bichaco, man. Its counterpart is the Smalltoe, a motillo, if we can consider it as such, that has the Guinness Record of the smallest motorcycle.

It was created by the Swedish engineer Tom Wilberg And to get to know it better we have to go back to 2003. If you like motorcycles, that name surely sounds familiar to you, since Tom Wilberg was in charge of creating the Big Toe, which is another huge motorcycle five meters long and two meters high.

Yes, it works (very slowly)

The Smalltoe is a motorcycle with two wheels, the front 16 millimeters and the rear 22 millimeters. Imagine an iPhone 12 mini, because the largest wheel is almost six times smaller than the height of this miniature mobile. Or you can also imagine a matchbox, which is more or less the same height.

It has a wheelbase of 80 millimeters, a height of 65 millimeters and weighs just over a kilo. Inside it mounts a 0.3 hp gasoline engine which is capable of running at the impressive speed of 2 km / h. This electric police car for children that they sell at Carrefour reaches 6 km / h, so we can get an idea.

Smalltoe In Action 00 00 30 15 Imagen Fija002
Smalltoe In Action 00 00 30 15 Imagen Fija002

Wilber built it after the Big Toe, his huge motorcycle, lost the Guinness World Record for the largest motorcycle. In fact, his goal was to get back into the Guinness Book and boy did he make it. There it continues since 2003. To achieve this, he had to show that the bike could work, and he did.

Smalltoe In Action 00 00 20 07 Imagen Fija001
Smalltoe In Action 00 00 20 07 Imagen Fija001

To ride it, you need to wear shoes with metal supports that are hooked to the sides.

In the video above you can see the 11 meter distanceAlthough the engineer later told the Associated Press that he could have traveled a longer journey had it not been for the closet in the middle. Although perhaps it would not have compensated him, because the bike does not have brakes or suspension and at 2 km / h you know what could have happened.

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