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Is electric dab rig smoke harmful with flavor in it?

Most of the electric dab rig manufacturers and suppliers claim that their dab rigs produce less toxic smoke than traditional dab rigs. Although, this is not true in every case. There are few reasons for it:

The reason might be because those users use flavored waxes and oils which contain terpenes and artificial ingredients which add up to make the smoke more toxic. Considering these, it should be clear that poor-quality electric dab rigs with harmful flavors are not free from producing toxic smoke.

To maintain a safe level of hazardous chemicals in dab rig smoke, you can choose flavorless dabs and waxes without additives. The only downside of these products is that they are dull compared to flavored ones due to lack of taste.

So what do you do, considering dabs are meant to offer more flavor first and an intense high later? This article takes you through whether electric rig smoke with flavorings is harmful or not and how to get the best out of them.

What chemicals are in DAB?

Dabs or dab concentrates are the products made from extracting cannabinoids and terpenes oil from cannabis using solvents.

Dabbing is a method of vaping dab where users heat the nail (atomizer) holding the wax in a special dab rig without combusting it to release vapors containing a high volume of THC and terpene that can be inhaled. After a few minutes of inhalation, the user gets an ‘intense high.’

If you are wondering what ingredients go into creating dabs with such magnanimous effects, here is the list:

  • Butane hash oil (BHO): Also called shatter, wax, and budder. It is created by extracting cannabinoids using hydrocarbon solvent butane which is then left to harden.
  • Cannabinoids: The product contains a large amount of THC in comparison with other concentrates. Full-spectrum dabs also contain the complete cannabinoid profile of cannabis plants, including CBD and CBG.
  • Terpenes: They are the compounds found in cannabis plants that give each strain its unique smell and flavor. The combination of terpenes mixed with THC creates a synergy that allows users to experience more psychedelic effects even with less THC. The process of adding terpenes to cannabis concentrates is called spinning or ‘hotboxing when done manually without any scientific equipment. 
  • Natural flavoring: Mostly in the form of terpenes extracted from mango, strawberry etc., They are mixed into extracts before dabbing to enhance its flavor and smell.  
  • Propylene glycol (PG) and ethanol: They act as solvents to extract cannabinoids from the plant material and preserve them, preventing the natural terpene content from degradation. 

What Dab Flavours Are There?

Many best CBD vape extraction companies use ethanol in the extraction process, which extracts CBD and seizes terpenes through volatilization when the solvent is removed from the final product. With robust flavor, companies need to reintroduce terpenes into the product to improve its taste. Unfortunately, there exist no extra terpenes from cannabis during this processing stage.

The answer is to reintroduce terpenes extracted from organic plants. Here are the top examples of terpenes and their sources.

  1. Limonene is extracted from oranges for an orange flavor.  
  2. Myrcene is extracted from lemongrass for a lemon taste.
  3. Linalool is extracted from Lilies or mints for different flavors, including peppermint, rosewood, lavender, and other herbs.
  4. Caryophyllene is extracted from cloves and produces a spicy taste. 
  5. Pinene is extracted from pine trees for a woody, earthy flavor. 
  6. Terpinolene taken from the fir tree provides a fragrant sweet scent of pines.  
  7.  Alpha-bisabolol extracted from candela trees and chamomile flowers.
  8. Eucalyptol which is from the eucalyptus tree provides a refreshing aroma of mint and spice.  
  9. Carvone, extracted from herbs such as dill, tarragon, and carpet, produces a spicy taste like black pepper, chives, and cinnamon.
  10. Furaneol that is produced by citrus fruits such as lemons or oranges provides an intense sweet flavor. It can also be found in cloves and tropical fruit flavors.

Is dabbing terpenes safe?

Terpenes and solvents are the major components in making dabs. Now we know that terpenes are nothing but chemicals, and they can be extracted using various methods. Here is some information about how safe they are.

The cannabis plant contains a host of organic compounds, including more than 200 individual terpenes. These compounds affect your body’s physiology and psychology to create different types of highs, pain-relieving effects, etc.

One can easily get the number of terpenes required for their taste and benefits from vaporizers which heat dabs without causing combustion. There is no chance of excess exposure to harmful chemicals when responsibly consuming vape oil within recommended limits stated by different manufacturers.

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