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Ireland ready for crunch clash with Namibia

Given the current standings, the winner of the clash in Sharjah will finish second in Group A and will advance to the next round to face New Zealand, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and the highest-ranked side in Group B, Scotland.

“We didn’t get much from Namibia’s game against the Netherlands, but they hit the ball well there at the end and we know they have some very dangerous players,” said Head Coach Graham Ford.

“They have hard-working players, a lot of them also learned cricket in South Africa, and they’ve brought us close to qualifying – we know they’re going to struggle, and if we have a little bit of our best then we might struggle.

“I think ahead of us we come to the tournament with a slightly different take on some of the bigger nations, in that we are winning and learning with every outing – trying to make as much progress as possible in our cricket.

“So every game is important in that regard

“Win or lose, we win and we learn, so that’s a big plus for us – but obviously we’re desperate to move on to the next stage of the tournament as well.

“Despite the loss [to Sri Lanka] we are still alive and we are still in the league, and that’s the most important thing.”