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iPhone 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max: the promise of the highest graphics performance in history in a mobile finally comes with a 120 Hz screen

Last year Apple multiplied the iPhone models like never before with the iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max and the play has been repeated this year, as expected. Specifically, iPhone 13 Pro y Pro Max they are released to complete the Apple catalog on their highest-end mobiles.

In general we see that it has not been a very drastic renovation and that part of the most striking and different is, as suspected, on the screen. More Hertz, Less notch and new features for these new mobiles that go straight to trying to win the throne of the best mobiles of the year and that have preserved the aesthetics that we knew from their predecessors.

Of course, the most powerful (Apple) photographic system to date

The triple camera of the Pro is kept on the back of these new mobiles, integrating:

  • 77mm telephoto lens, with up to 3x optical zoom.
  • Ultra wide angle: lens with aperture f / 1.8 of six elements.
  • Main: lens with aperture f / 1.5, 2.2x in low light.

With larger sensors they promise greater light capture and thus a better result at night, even with the wide angle. This camera also premieres the macro mode, something that we have been seeing for a while on Android and for which most of the time an extra lens is used (with a very small sensor).