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iPhone 13 mini: everything good about the mini with a battery that finally promises a day of use

Probably last year’s iPhone 12 mini was the variant of that family that sold the fewest units, but that does not seem to have mattered too much to APple, which has returned to bet on “small” phones, and we have with us the iPhone 13 mini.

This new version, which accompanies the new iPhone 13 and the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max, maintains the philosophy of its predecessor: still a beast inside, although logically he has to make certain concessions in front of his older brothers who, yes, do not detract from him.

A design that benefits from a smaller notch

As with the iPhone 13, the notch is reduced in size by 20%. That’s important and makes more space visible on the screen, but none of the front-facing camera features or the FaceID facial recognition system are sacrificed.

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At the rear it changes in a singular way the arrangement of the two sensors, which are now diagonally aligned and that of course make the difference with the model of the previous year.

The new iPhone 13 mini has five colors available, among which there is a new shade of pink that completes the rest of the shades with which Apple offers this model.

The battery shines above everything else

The specification sheet of the new iPhone 13 mini is remarkable, and it certainly highlights its new SoC, el chip Apple A15 Bionic that in addition to offering 5G connectivity, promises fantastic performance. It is manufactured with 5 nm photolithography, something that allows this chip integrate nearly 15 billion transistors.


That processor has six cores: two high-performance and four high-efficiency, and according to Apple its performance is 50% “than the best competitor” which, we suppose, is the Snapdragon 888. Both its GPU, with four cores (30% more powerful than those of the competition, also assure in Cupertino), as well as its Neural Engine, with 16 cores, contributes to the good performance of the terminal.

Its 5.4-inch XDR Super Retina Display also wins integers: it is now 28% brighter and goes up to 1200 nits with HDR mode (800 nits without that mode). That, they promise in Apple, does not affect the autonomy of the terminal, and the reason is a new improved system in its OLED panel that improves the efficiency of that screen.


However much more relevant than those improvements for many users is probably the battery life, which wins a lot of integers on the iPhone 13 mini.

In fact, according to Apple the autonomy of the iPhone 13 mini is 1.5 hours longer than that of the iPhone 12 mini. That could mean an important change for the success of a terminal that promises to last a whole day using it. Of course, it will have to be verified in real tests.

These cameras are more cinematic than ever

The camera module changes slightly: the main camera has a sensor with 1.7 micron pixels that according to Apple they capture 47% more light than last year’s model, allowing you to capture more light in low-light settings and do so with less noise when capturing.


That sensor has 12-megapixel resolution and f / 1.6 aperture, while the new sensor for the ultra-wide-angle camera is 12 megapixels with f / 2.4 aperture and a 120-degree field of view.

These sensors stand out for have Sensor Shift stabilization technology – which physically moves the main sensor to reduce vibrations – of last year’s iPhone 12 Pro Max, but photos don’t benefit the most from these sensors: it’s video recording.

That’s where the “Kinematic Mode” comes in., a new video recording system that allows focus to change during movie recording. With this recording mode the focus changes automatically when people enter the frame of the scene, but we can also change that focus in the process.


This new cinematic mode was shown in a curious demonstration video that certainly made clear the creative possibilities that this type of recordings have, much closer to what we can see in movies or television series, and that now we can achieve with the cameras of the new iPhone 13.

That mode records in Dolby Vision, and that HDR mode is also applied to the record for example in 4K at 60 frames per second, an option available on all cameras.

Price and availability of the iPhone 13 mini

The new iPhone 13 mini can be reserved from today, and will be available next September 24 with the following prices:

  • iPhone 13 Mini (128 GB): 809 euros.
  • iPhone 13 Mini (256 GB): 929 euros.
  • iPhone 13 Mini (512 GB): 1.159 euros.