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iPhone 12 5G launch could not happen in September, Qualcomm hints

Due to supply chain restrictions, Apple’s iPhone 12 is believed to be delayed this year. Now it shares news from Qualcomm that some iPhone 12 models will indeed not be available in September. Note by The edge, Qualcomm hinted that the launch of a flagship 5G phone will be delayed this year as it will impact Q4. Due to global health crises, the company also stated that it expects an impact on fourth quarter shipments.

iPhone 12 series With the launch of 5G in October, Qualcomm hints at its profit call

Qualcomm’s Q4 covers July, August and September sales. The company’s CFO, Akash Palkiwala mention that some of its 5G chips were ready to ship in September, but were delayed until the end of the year. This isn’t the first time we’ve heard of a delayed launch of the iPhone 12. We’ve previously heard how supply chain constraints can cause the iPhone 12 to launch later in the year, outside of the usual annual launch cycle.

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Although Qualcomm has not mentioned any company, but the time frame suggests that the iPhone 12 is the point of reference. In addition, the upcoming iPhone 12 models are expected to be released this year with 5G capability, and Qualcomm will deliver the modems to Apple after a $ 4.5 billion settlement.

Keep in mind that the iPhone 12 models launching later this year will include both versions of 5G – the sub-6GHz 5G and mmWave 5G. If anything, the iPhone 12 models with 5G can be launched in late October or early November. Jon Prosser also tweeted yesterday that the iPhone 12 and new iPad models will launch in October. The leaker correctly predicted the launch date of some Apple products earlier this year, so there is some credibility in that.[sortsareanythingtogobytheiPhone12modelswith5GwilllaunchbyOctoberendorearlyNovemberJonProsseralsocoinedyesterdayinatweetthattheiPhone12andnewiPadmodelswillbelaunchedinOctoberTheleakerhascorrectlypredictedthelaunchdateofsomeAppleearsthesissarlier[sortsareanythingtogobytheiPhone12modelswith5GwilllaunchbyOctoberendorearlyNovemberJonProsseralsocoinedyesterdayinatweetthattheiPhone12andnewiPadmodelswillbelaunchedinOctoberTheleakerhascorrectlypredictedthelaunchdateofsomeAppleproductsearlierthisyearsothereissomecredibilitytothat

Keep in mind that Apple is likely to announce the iPhone 12 series in September, but the launch date will be pushed over to the following month depending on the situation. This is similar to what Apple did with the launch of the iPhone X.

When do you think Apple will launch the iPhone 12 series?

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