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Interior Minister demands that giants on social media act faster than hateful language

The Home Secretary has called on social media companies to act faster by removing “horrible hatred” from their platforms after outrage over anti-Semitic messages from grime artist Wiley.

olice examines a series of comments on the musician’s Instagram and Twitter accounts on Friday, excluding him from both for seven days.

In a tweet on Sunday, Priti Patel said, “Wiley’s anti-Semitic messages are revolting.

“They couldn’t have stayed on Twitter and Instagram for very long and I asked them for a full explanation.

“Social media companies must act much faster to remove such terrible hatred from their platforms.”

Following Wiley’s posts, Twitter was accused of “ignoring anti-Semitism,” since his tweets were still visible 12 hours after they were first posted.

A number of tweets have now been removed and the site has imposed a seven-day ban on him.

On Sunday, a Facebook spokesperson, who owns Instagram, said the platform had also given the rapper a seven-day block to his account.

Twitter previously said Wiley’s account had been temporarily locked “for violating our hateful behavior policy”, while Facebook said “there was no place for hateful language on Instagram”.