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Intel warns: they do not expect the chip shortage to end until 2023, although the situation improves “incrementally”

Chip supply problems will not be solved in the short term: the big semiconductor manufacturers have long been warning of how the chip shortage won’t be solved anytime soon, and now it is Intel that has released its latest estimate.

Pat Gelsinger, CEO of the company, explained at an investor conference that “the balance between supply and demand will not occur until 2023“, thus confirming the forecast he made in July.

There is nothing left but to have patience

Intel is certainly one of the major players in the sector, and knows well that since the pandemic occurred its collateral effects they detonated a problem worldwide. On the one hand, problems with production plants and logistics and supply chains.

On the other, the rise of teleworking and the growth of PC sales. Here Gelsinger indicated that “we think the PC business is structurally bigger now, a type of business with a million units a day. “

The launches of new products have accelerated, and we have new generations of mobiles but also consoles, processors and graphic cards, and all this means that the demand has increased in a period in which satisfying her is harder than ever.

Intel has precisely configured a strategy in which it will notably boost its role as a manufacturer not only of its chips, but also of those of other companies – a bit “à la TSMC” – but Gelsinger was clear that chip shortage won’t be resolved until 2023.

Via | CNBC