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Intel Restructuring: Murthy Leaves, Ann Kelleher takes over the development of 7 nm and 5 nm

Some pretty big news from Intel after closing the market today: Murthy, the person behind Intel’s TMG efforts for a long time, will be leaving the company as of August 3, 2020. TSCG (the official name for technology, system architecture and customer group) will be split into five teams covering R&D, Manufacturing & Ops, Design Engineering, Architecture, Software & Graphics and Supply Chain respectively. Dr. Ann Kelleher will assume the role of Murthy and will be responsible for the development of the 7nm and 5nm process.

Major restructuring of Intel: TMG split into five teams, Ann Kelleher takes over R&D for 7 nm, Raja Koduri retains title of lead architect

TSCG is the collective that performs most of Intel’s development and design tasks. This is a group led by Murthy who was technically responsible for the 10nm and 7nm delays. It was likely that Intel would undergo a major restructuring when it stumbled on 7nm for the second time and this seems to be the result. With a large division of tasks, the various Intel teams are now only responsible for their own domain and theoretically can choose the best possible candidate for the job (for example, Raja can choose to go for TSMC instead of Intel’s fabs in house) .

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The full text of the press release is as follows:

Effective immediately, the Technology, Systems Architecture and Client Group (TSCG) will be divided into the following teams, whose leaders will report directly to the CEO:

  • Technology Development, led by Dr. Ann Kelleher. As an experienced Intel leader, Kelleher was head of Intel production, driving continuous operations through the COVID-19 pandemic, while increasing delivery capacity to meet customer needs and the advance of Intel’s 10nm- process accelerated. She will now lead Intel’s technology development, focusing on 7nm and 5nm processes. Dr. Mike Mayberry, who has led technology development, will assist the transition to his planned retirement by the end of the year. Mayberry has a track record of 36 years in innovation at Intel, in which he has made significant contributions to technology development and as a leader of Intel Labs.
  • Manufacturing and Operations, led by Keyvan Esfarjani. Esfarjani recently led production for Intel’s Non-Volatile Memory Solutions Group (NSG), in which role he determined Intel’s vision and strategy for memory production and led a rapid capacity expansion. He will now lead global manufacturing operations and continue Kelleher’s work on the product ramp and expanding new fab capacity.
  • Design Engineering, led by Josh Walden in the meantime, as Intel conducts an accelerated global search to identify a world-class permanent leader. Walden is a proven leader in technology production and platform engineering. He recently headed the Intel Product Assurance and Security Group (IPAS), which will continue to report to him.
  • Architecture, software and graphics will be led by Raja Koduri. Koduri is responsible for driving the development of Intel’s architecture and software strategy and a dedicated graphic product portfolio. Under his leadership, we will continue to invest in our software capabilities as a strategic asset and expand software engineering with cloud, platform, solutions and services expertise.
  • Supply Chain will be led by Dr. Randhir Thakur. Thakur reports directly to the CEO as Chief Supply Chain Officer, recognizing the growing importance of this role and our relationships with key players in the ecosystem. Thakur and his team must ensure that the supply chain is a competitive advantage for Intel.

As a result of these changes, Murthy Renduchintala will leave Intel on August 3, 2020.

“I look forward to working directly with these talented and experienced technology leaders, all of whom strive to advance Intel during this critical execution period,” said Swan. “I would also like to thank Murthy for his leadership in helping Intel transform our technology platform. We have the most diverse portfolio of leadership products in our history and, as a result of our six pillars of innovation and disaggregation strategy, much more flexibility in how we build, package and deliver those products to our customers. ”

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