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Instagram forces users to add their birthday: otherwise, the app will not be able to be used soon

For years, Instagram has asked users to indicate their date of birth in the account settings. They say that they already have this data from most users, however there are still some who have not indicated their age. Now the social network has begun to ask for age in an intensified way, giving an ultimatum to those who do not offer it: not being able to use the app anymore.

The request to add the age will appear in a pop-up window within the app. A message indicates that the date will not be made public and that it will be kept private. There is a button to refuse to add the date of birth, but it will not be there forever. If the user repeatedly rejects the message to add the age, the app will eventually no longer be usable.

On the other hand, while using the app tPosts that are hidden may also appear. These posts are hidden because they may not have content suitable for minors. Therefore, a button will appear to add the user’s age before being able to show that type of publication.

Because all of this? According to Instagram, is part of their efforts to offer better protection tools for minors. For example, to not allow the segmentation of ads to minors, not to allow adults to send messages to minors or to avoid showing explicit content to minors. Instagram has a fixed minimum age of 13 years, so there are minors (legally) in the social network. Likewise, they also propose a version for children.


AI to determine if the user is lying about their age

A curious detail that Instagram mentions is the fact that recognize that some people can lie about his age. At the end of the day, you just have to put a date in the app, without having to confirm it or verify it with any official document. They are aware of this and have a future solution: artificial intelligence.

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As they explain, they are using artificial intelligence (in early stages) that estimates whether users are lying or not about his age. For this they are based, for example, on aspects such as whether they have been congratulated in a publication on their birthday. If you have questions about a user, you will be asked for additional methods to confirm their age. Likewise, it is still in testing.

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