India bans dozens of Chinese apps, citing security reasons

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NEW DELHI (AP) – India banned 59 apps with Chinese links on Monday, as their activities jeopardize the country’s sovereignty, defense and security.

India’s decision comes because its troops are involved in a tense confrontation with Chinese soldiers in eastern Ladakh in the Himalayas that started last month. India lost 20 soldiers in a collision on June 15.

The banned apps are TikTok, UC Browser WeChat and Bigo Live, as well as Club Factory and Shein ecommerce platforms used on mobile and non-mobile devices connected to the internet, according to a government statement.

It has been said that there is growing concern about data security and protecting the privacy of 1.3 billion Indians. The government said such concerns also threaten the country’s sovereignty and security.

“ The Department of Information Technology has received many complaints from a variety of sources, including several reports of abuse of some mobile apps available on Android and iOS platforms for stealing and covertly sending user data to servers with locations outside of it India, ” ‘said the statement.

The collection of this data, its extraction and profiling by elements hostile to India’s national security and defense, was “a matter of very deep and immediate concern requiring emergency action,” the statement said.

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