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In Pakistan, the daughter of an Afghan envoy was kidnapped and injured.

Unknown criminals temporarily kidnapped and injured the daughter of Afghanistan’s envoy to Pakistan, according to officials.

Silsila Alikhil was apprehended on her way home in Pakistan’s capital Islamabad on Friday and imprisoned for several hours.

According to Afghanistan’s foreign office, she was “severely mistreated,” and the country has filed a complaint.
Relations between the two neighbors have been poor for a long time.

According to Pakistani officials, Silsila Alikhil, a woman in her twenties, was beaten by thugs who climbed into her car and beat her up.

She was admitted to the hospital after her release. Najib Alikhil, the ambassador, condemned the “inhuman attack” and claimed his daughter “feels better now.”

The ambassador’s protection has been beefed up, according to Pakistan’s foreign ministry. Sheikh Rashid Ahmed, Pakistan’s interior minister, said Prime Minister Imran Khan wanted the criminals apprehended as soon as possible.

Relationships between the two countries have deteriorated in recent weeks as violence in Afghanistan has increased.


Pakistan is accused by the Afghan government of providing safe haven to Taliban terrorists fighting insurgents across the nation.


Taliban terrorists have made gains across the country, seizing a number of Afghan border posts.

The Taliban have acted quickly as the US accelerates its troop departure from Afghanistan ahead of President Joe Biden’s deadline of September 11th.

Other ally countries, notably the United Kingdom, have nearly completed their troop withdrawals ahead of Mr. Biden’s deadline.

Pakistan, on the other hand, accuses Afghanistan of permitting extremists to attack from its territory.