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ICBC Physiotherapy – Motor Vehicle Accident Insurance Help

When it comes to British Columbia ICBC is responsible for providing insurance to provide you the best physiotherapy under the ICBC program in BC. Most would have witnessed in many occasions where patients find it difficult to process their ICBC documents for proper treatment, and that’s where you need to find the best physiotherapy clinic to help make the process smooth and less complicated, giving you that physiotherapy you deserve when you need it the most. Even when we can help you with the process, it is important you understand the procedure so it won’t look all alien when it commences.

Reporting and Invoicing

First, the physiotherapist in charge will have to approve the treatment of an ICBC patient but might require the Health Care Provider Portal (HCPP) or a Health Care Provider Invoicing and Reporting (HCPIR). These documents need to be submitted directly to the ICBC before treatment could commence. On the other hand, a vendor number is also needed to use the HCPIR, while the Personal Identification Number (PIN) and vendor number are needed to use the HCPP. But in a case when the patient is yet to have the vendor number or make changes to the vendor information, it is advised that they visit the vendor’s number page to sort it out. But in a case where you don’t have a PIN, reach out to the Health Care Inquiry Unit to have one generated for you. 

It is also important to note that immediately you get hold of your ICBC Insurance claim number, you are automatically entitled to ICBC Physiotherapy treatment. Again, all automobile accident victims are qualified for the ICBC treatment benefits, and a good Physiotherapy clinic would take your treatment process very seriously: no long, tiring procedures whatsoever. 

Getting Medical Attention after a Motor Vehicle Accident Crash

Victims of a motor vehicle accident crash need medical attention, and some practitioners bill ICBC directly so one won’t have to tender receipts for reimbursement. But mind you, the fees for most health practitioners may exceed the cost covered by the ICBC package. But if you have some other insurance coverage (mostly with your employers), it can be used to make up for the difference. But in a case where your care provider didn’t directly bill you from ICBC, you can as well submit your receipts for review and assessment; this process is to ascertain your eligibility for reimbursement.

Some Points to be noted for ICBC Physiotherapy Claim

There are important points we believe is necessary if you are going for a physiotherapist ICBC, they include:

  • ICBC only pays for approved amounts, they are not responsible for amounts above the stipulated treatment limits. But in a case where treatment extension is needed, the fees will be solely at the patient’s expense and will not be reimbursed by ICBC.
  • From the way the ICBC is designed, it only allows one treatment claim for the day irrespective of the type of therapy. Even when the condition require longer treatment, Multiple Standard Treatments are not allowed for one therapy session on the same day. Again, patients are not allowed to schedule more than one Standard Registered Massage Therapy treatment on the same day.
  • ICBC direct billing service is not a guarantee that every direct billing will be automatically approved. It is entirely the patient’s responsibility to settle all the unpaid medical fees should a billing problem happen. And as patients, you should be able to directly collect these payments from the ICBC adjuster.

Also Note for ICBC Treatment:

That each patient is limited to only 25 physiotherapy and chiropractic sessions under the ICBC treatment. Once the patient has reached that limit, the ICBC can still cover additional sessions based on the doctor’s advice; only if the doctor had recommended the need for more treatment. So, consult a physiotherapist today, and let them make your ICBC physiotherapy insurance work for you.