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Hyundai gets more ambitious with hydrogen: all its cars will be available with fuel cells in 2028

Lithium-ion batteries are not the only path we can take towards the democratization of the electric car. Toyota, BMW, Daimler and Hyundai are some of the brands that are betting on the development of electric vehicles with hydrogen fuel cellAlthough, yes, without compromising the resources they are dedicating to innovation in conventional lithium-ion batteries and solid-state batteries.

The coexistence of both technologies is perfectly possible, and the announcement that Hyundai has just made deepens, precisely, in this direction. This brand already has a portfolio of 100% electric cars with an interesting battery, and in Spain its NEXO model is also available, an electric SUV that uses a hydrogen fuel cell. On paper it looks good, but, yes, touches 73,000 euros, which places it out of reach for most consumers.

This South Korean car manufacturer has just announced that it is going to deeply strengthen its commitment to electric vehicles with hydrogen fuel cells with an ambitious purpose: that in 2028 all its models are available in at least one version equipped with this technology. This does not mean that Hyundai will prioritize the development of fuel cell cars over battery electric vehicles. Saehoon Kim, the executive who leads the division dedicated to hydrogen cars, has confirmed that they will continue to bet on both technologies.

Objective: equalize the price of the electric car with battery and hydrogen cell by 2030

Technical challenges aside, the hydrogen fuel cell electric car’s biggest handicap is its price. The cost of Hyundai’s own NEXO model reflects this very clearly. It is more expensive to produce an electric car equipped with this technology than an identical one equipped with a lithium-ion battery. And it is a problem that clearly weighs down popularization of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles.

In 2023, Hyundai will launch two new platforms designed to make hydrogen-powered cars cheaper

Kim has confirmed that his company will work for the next several years with the purpose of reduce the costs of this technology so that by 2030 hydrogen cell cars have a price comparable to that of battery electric vehicles. And the first step in this direction is already planned: In 2023, Hyundai plans to launch two new platforms specifically designed to help make hydrogen-powered cars cheaper.

According to this executive, these vehicles will really be within the reach of most consumers. in 2040Therefore, despite its foreseeable gradual cheaper, it seems unlikely that we will be able to get a hydrogen car of this brand below 20,000 euros before that date. Who knows, perhaps with this forecast they are being excessively cautious. Or maybe not.

The latest announcement made by this brand to consolidate its commitment to hydrogen fuel cell vehicles will get fans of sports cars excited. And it is that he has also just given very interesting details about the Vision FK, a sports car equipped with a 500 kW hydrogen fuel cell that is capable of accelerating from 0 to 100 km / h in less than 4 s, always according to the own Hyundai, and who has a range of 600 km. Sounds good. Fingers crossed that we have more news about this racing car soon.

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