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HTC Vive unveils two new upgraded VR headsets

HTC has announced two new versions of its Vive VR headsets with 5K resolution, 120 ° field of view and support for 120 Hz refresh rates.

Primarily designed to be paired with a PC for gaming experiences, the Vive Pro 2 features a 120Hz display with 2448×2448 pixels per eye that should eliminate the “screen door” problems that lower resolution headsets suffer from. can have. This is an increase over the 2880×1600 resolution, 90Hz panels of the original Vive Pro.

More designed for business use, the Vive Focus 3 is a stand-alone headset that uses inside-out tracking instead of external sensors to determine a user’s position.

The Focus 3 has 2448×2448 resolution display panels for each eye with a 90Hz refresh rate, both upgrades to the 1440×1600 pixels per eye and 75Hz refresh rate for the 2019 Vive Focus Plus.

30 minutes up to 50 percent charge and a finely adjustable interpupillary distance range to help prevent blur and eye strain.

The ultra-high resolution displays and wide field of view of both headsets, unveiled at the company’s annual ViveCon event, are among the highest specifications available on the market today.

Cher Wang, HTC Chairman and CEO, said, “Today’s launch marks an important milestone in our strategy to create the very best immersive experiences.

We’ve listened to our customers, from well-known international companies to smaller firms and professional users, and designed these premium headsets from the ground up to meet the challenges, adding a professional suite of software, platform and services to meet them.

implement. as smoothly and effectively as possible. Those with existing HTC Vive accessories will only be able to purchase the new Pro 2 headset as an upgrade for £ 659 starting May 11.

A full version of the Pro 2, including controllers and base, will go on sale for £ 1,299 in August. all-in-one Focus 3 will cost £ 1,060 and will be on sale June 24.Facebook, which bought VR company Oculus in 2014, has its own Oculus Quest 2 headsets that cost just £ 299.

In a conversation with The Verge However, HTC Vive CEO Dan O’Brien said his company would not produce headsets that could compete at this price any time soon, saying that Facebook’s headsets would be ‘artificially subsidized’ in the hope that money will be recouped through subsequent sales of software and the advertising model of the social network.