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How to use tags during Black Friday and holiday shopping

For many retailers, Black Friday is the biggest shopping day of the year, and the Christmas holiday season is sometimes more lucrative than the rest of the year. Shoppers have to wait in long lines, crowded stores, and out of stock, none of which stops them from getting the “perfect” gift. To ensure the holiday season is successful for your store, you need to increase your sales. One of the best ways to do this is to use retail gestures.


Black Friday Holiday sales 


You’ll want to plan ahead for deciding what your Black Friday and holiday sales will look like. For China stores, this information will likely come from the corporate office, but for independent stores, the decision is up to you. Identify the main things that you think will be the best sellers for the holiday season. Create a plan for your sale, set a “hook”, whether it’s a percentage discount, buy one, buy one, or even a gift with a purchase. It’s not enough just to get holiday discounts – you need to create some kind of content or sales description to get customers out your door in search of a bargain.


Once you know what kind of sales you’re going to make, it’s time to promote them. Since Black Friday is scheduled to be the Friday after Thanksgiving, consumers are expecting it. Teasing them with your upcoming sales ideas can be effective. Print sneakers with windows for your store that only show a glimpse of your sales, whether it’s a sales name, a product photo, etc. You want to excite customers and create an echo in your store.


Plan ahead for sale day. Many stores display print ads in the Thanksgiving newspaper, and if this is an effective marketing strategy for you, go for it. However, when your customers are full of turkey, they’ll want to relax and look in the newspaper for the big next-day deals. You’ll be closed on Thanksgiving, so be sure to place a proper show on your store the night before it closes (or come on Black Friday morning). 


Hang a banner above the front door to let customers know you have Black Friday deals. Also, click resources, add bold window graphics to your storefront to show customers how much they can save. Inside the store, clearly identify the items that are being sold, whether they are with vinyl stickers or even by grouping them in a specific section of the signage. The store is noisy, so to avoid a customer service nightmare, customers will need to find your deals easily.


Another important note is to include a time frame in your banners and ads. This sale won’t last forever, so by adding a deadline, you encourage customers to get the best deal as soon as possible. Note what time they open for business and when they close. In addition, many retailers stop selling and soon offer more and lower discounts throughout the day. Tough bargain buyers will develop their strategy on Thanksgiving, so make sure you’re their first stop.


Michael Allen works as Director of Marketing in Boston, Massachusetts. He has worked with large corporations and small local businesses for more than 20 years. His vast experience in marketing has made him an expert in helping companies grow through marketing strategies.