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How to Understand More about Your iPhone

Are you want to know about your iPhone? Whether you are a first-time user or an old user there are still a lot of things to know after purchasing a new iPhone. In this article, you can learn about the new updates of your gadgets. As we know technology updates on a regular basis so if you want to take all benefits you have to know the latest advancement. When you buy a new iPhone you need to learn some tricks, physical features, batteries like iPhone 8 plus battery replacement, and the accessories that came with it. After reading this article you know about some amazing things which you never know.

What is the need to Understand About your iPhone?

  1. Every latest version of IOS has many features so that you can enjoy using it such as 3D touch, widgets, and airdrop. If you know all the features of your iPhone you make your life easy and speedy to do any task.
  2. For safety and security purpose you should know all the privacy setting of you iPhone.
  3. Widgets which help you to complete all the daily personal and professional task on your daily life.
  4. Everyone should know about devices and accessories which are compatible with your iPhone.

 Some devices and accessories that you can’t miss:

  1. USB cable
  2. Earpods
  3. Powerbank
  4. Charger

Important Tips That Helps You to Understand About iPhone:

  1. Create an Apple ID:

You must create Apple ID if you want to use an iTunes account. This account is set up to use other useful and advanced features such as iMessage, iCloud, facetime, Apple music, news apps, movies, and other apps which are very helpful for daily routine. Without it, you can’t access a lot of apps which makes your cell phone a “smartphone”. You can install many apps as per your need because in-app store there are a ton of apps available. These apps help you to do every work within a specific time and give you comfort.

  1. Install iTunes:

By using this iTune you can store and plays your music. It is also used to add and remove music, video, photo, apps, and many more from your iPhone. All the apps you can install only when you have Apple ID if you want to take all advantages and make your life easier.

  1. Face and Finger ID:

Both of these IDs are simple to install and easily install on your iPhone. By using either of ID you can make your data and iPhone more secure. In fact, in face ID  you can use your face as a lock on iPhone 8 screen. As you know these days we do maximum activities on our iPhones such as banking, shopping, online payment, and many more. These IDs give important security features to the users. You can use any one whichever is required of you.

  1. Charging the battery:

You have to charge your iPhone before it goes to the lower level unplug it from charge when it hits 100% charging level because if you charge it in the dead position it will affect its battery life.

  1. Care and protection:

You have to use an iPhone 8 screen protecting case to prevent outside hits because no one wants the broken gadget to carry. It is very important for any gadget as you know that it is expensive and you love it a lot. There is a lot of variety of case cover are available in the market. If you don’t care about your screen then you may go for iPhone 8 plus battery replacement again and again. It will waste both precious time and money which you can save if you give a little attention to your iPhone screen.

  1. Setup and sync:

When you set up your iPhone then you can load all the data from the computer it may be photos, music, movies, files, and documents. You can synchronize all the data which you want to do.  After synchronizing you can access all the data wherever you want to do.

  1. Setup Apple pay:

This app gives a secure payment system to the user as is easier to use .when you are using this apple pay never share your card number with any website of the merchant. If you use it once you will never go to any other payment system. You can pay while shopping, bill payment and share money with your near and dear ones.

  1. Set up Medical ID:

This ID is a potential app in the app store which gives you advantages like, the medication that you take, medical emergency, BP rate, sugar level, emergency contacts, and serious allergies. For all these facilities you just need this ID then it gives you medical attention as per your setting you do.

  1. Learn the built-in Apps:

There are many apps are available according to each age group person but if we learn about the built-in app then after making Apple ID you can access web browsing, email, photos, music, social media apps, calling, and some other necessary app. Only you have to spend a little time after it you get many apps in App store it may be either related to entertainment or learning about something.

  1. Create the Networks:

If you want to join any nearby network such as hotspot and Wi-Fi choose the network to search your network after selecting it enter the password for connecting with it.

 Final Word

I am hoping after reading this article you better understand your iPhone as compared to earlier. These all-important tips help you a lot to use your iPhone effectively. If you want some latest gadgets and accessories for you then visit our official website and get the best discount and offers on every purchase. Esource Parts is a wholesale cell iPhone accessories, iPhone 8 plus battery replacement, Google pixel battery replacement, Samsung tablet battery replacement, iPod battery replacement and, Nintendo switch battery replacement provider in Canada .we assure you that once you come to our website you get every product of each year model.