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How to prevent fungal growth in the walls

How to prevent fungal growth in the walls


Many homeowners complain about mould and fungal growth on the walls of their bathrooms, roof, and balcony. The interior walls of our home are five times more polluted than the exterior walls of our homes. With fumes, moisture from the air conditioner, smoke from the kitchen; all these accounts for fungal growth on the walls inside our homes.

Rooms that are not regularly used or devoid of sunlight access also become suitable for fungal growth on the wall.


Fungal growth on walls looks displeasing to the eyes and also makes the house look unhygienic. If not prevented, it grows to other walls of the house. Fungal growth on walls can cause health issues such as respiratory diseases such as asthma and coughing.


Let us look at some of the ways we can prevent fungal growth on the wall.


  • Use good primer

If you are painting the walls of your home before the arrival of the monsoon, it is better to invest in a high-quality primer to protect the walls. Primer coating helps the wall to create an alkaline base. The primer is very useful to prevent dust retention. It also creates a shield that does not allow water to be absorbed in the walls. This prevents dampness and fungal growth


  • Do waterproofing of interior and exterior of walls

Waterproofing of both exterior and interior of walls is very important to prevent fungal growth. Waterproofing prevents water from being soaked inside the walls. The waterproofing of walls on the inside and outside allows the walls to be weather resistant and prevents the growth of mould


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  • Repair cracks

Cracks are the entry point of fungal growth. Water and moisture seep through the cracks and creates a suitable environment for fungus to grow. This fungal growth on the cracks of the wall starts damaging the structure of the walls. It is better to repair the walls and put plaster on them.


  • Use fungicidal paints

High-quality emulsion paints with fungicidal solutions are a good way to prevent the growth of mould and fungus on walls. Fungicidal solvents put a disinfectant layer to prevent the growth of mould and fungus on the walls. If you have wooden or brick walls, fungicidal paints with disinfectant spray are useful to prevent fungal growth on walls


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  • Control humidity and moisture

Install a thermostat in your home to control the humidity and moisture. Repair your HVAC system for controlling the humidity level. Install humidifiers or exhaust fans in the kitchen or the bathroom to ensure that there is proper ventilation in such spaces to prevent moisture accumulation in the walls.


  • Clean your walls

Twice a week spray some disinfectants on the walls of your kitchen and bathroom so that fungal growth is prevented. Try to keep such spaces as dry as possible


  • Allow sunlight into the room

Sunlight is a natural disinfectant. It kills bacteria and bacterial growth automatically. Allow sunlight in the room so that fungal growth is prevented. It is a potent way to make sure rooms do not stay damp


  • Repair leakages

Pipe breakage and leakage are also the cause of fungal growth. It causes your bathroom walls to be wet. These plumbing issues should be resolved at the earliest to stop the increased growth of fungus on the walls.




Preventing fungal growth is very crucial for the well-being of the walls and the well-being of your health. Keep the walls dry and use disinfectants to prevent fungal growth.