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How To Pass Microsoft Azure AZ-204 Exam- A Complete Guide

With the onset of globalisation, myriad changes have taken place in the IT Industry. To pursue a career as a Microsoft Azure Certified Developer, a candidate has to take the AZ-204 exam. The course will help in becoming an Azure Developer Associate.


There are various advantages for a techno-enthusiast to pursue a career in this field and obtain Microsoft Azure certification.

  1. Microsoft offers better learning opportunities to its candidates and simplifies the path to success.
  2. It is an expert-level certification. Thus, it will be challenging but fruitful in the long run.
  3. Microsoft cloud certification is considered one of the most prestigious certifications in cloud technology. Thus, it provides better job opportunities and salaries.

Exam Details

Name Microsoft Azure Developing Solutions
Code AZ-204
Azure Certification Cost $165 USD
Course Modules 6
Total questions 40-60
Passing Marks 700/1000
Duration 150 minutes



  1. 1-year experience in scalable solutions.
  2. Prior knowledge about at least one cloud-supported programming language.
  3. Proficiency in developing apps and services using Azure tools and technologies.


Module I: Development Of Azure Infrastructure As A Service Compute Solution

  1. It covers 10-15% of the examination question.
  2. It covers topics like:
  • Implementation of solutions used by Virtual Machines
  • Implementation of batch jobs by using Azure Batch Services
  • Creation of Containerized Solutions

Module II: Development Of Azure Platform As A Service Compute Solution

  1. It covers 20-25% of the examination questions. It is an important module from the examination point of view.
  2. It covers topics like:
  • Creation of Azure App Service Web App and background task with the help of Web jobs
  • Creation of Azure App Service Mobile Apps. It involves adding push notifications to mobile apps and enabling offline sync
  • Creation of Azure App Service API apps along with documentation
  • Implementation of Azure Functions. It involves implementing input and output bindings for function and function triggers
  • It also involves the implementation of Azure durable Functions Creation and Python Azure Functions

Module III: Development For Azure Storage

  1. It covers 15-20% of the examination questions.
  2. It covers the development of solutions using storage tables, cosmos DB storage, relational database, and Blob storage.

Module IV: Implementation Of Azure Security

  1. It covers 10-15% of examination questions.
  2. It covers topics like:
  • Implementing authentication using certificates, form-based authentication, or tokens
  • Implementing both Claims-based and Role-based Access Control Authorization
  • Implementing secure data solutions by encrypting and decrypting data at rest and in transit

Module V: Optimization Of Azure Solutions

  1. It covers 10-15% of examination solutions.
  2. It involves:
  • Development, and implementation of code, rules and patterns to support scalability of apps and services
  • Storage of retrieval of data in Azure Redis cache and invalidating cache content
  • Configuring instrumentation using Application Insights and troubleshooting solutions using Azure Monitor

Module VI: Connection Of Azure Services And Third-party Services In Consumption

  1. It covers 20-25% of examination questions.
  2. It covers important topics like:
  • Creation of a Logic App, custom connector, and template.
  • Creation and querying of Azure search index
  • Establishment of API gateways, configuring authentication for APIs and defining policies.
  • Development of solutions using Azure Event Grid.
  • Implementation of solutions using Azure Service Bus and Azure Queue Storage queues.

Exam Retake And Cancellation Policy

  • If a person is unable to pass the Microsoft certification exam on the first attempt, he has to wait for at least 24 hours before rescheduling.
  • If a person is unable to pass the exam in second and subsequent attempts, then he has to wait for at least 14 days before rescheduling.
  • If a candidate wishes to cancel the exam, it has to be done at least six days before the scheduled exam. No charges for cancellation will be asked.
  • If the exam is cancelled before 24 hours, the entire exam fee is forfeited.


To prepare for Microsoft Azure certifications, we can prepare through the following learning resources:

  • The official website of Microsoft AZ-204, i.e., their learning portal
  • Microsoft Documentation to learn expert solution architect fundamentals
  • IT training experts like Koenig Solutions provide both online and instructor-led Azure certification training
  • Authentic books and online sources
  • Joining forums and study groups
  • Practising exams for self-evaluation


Azure certifications add tremendous value to a candidate’s CV and provide them with lucrative financial benefits. They also help in the advancement of careers in the cloud domain. Thus, a Microsoft Azure certification is a good motivation to follow your dreams.