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How to Make Realistic Birthday Cards At Home

We all have grown up making cards on various occasions for our loved ones. Whether it’s a special birthday, a get well soon card, an anniversary, or any other event that deserves a little love, cards are a great way to tell someone you love them and cherish them. Over the years there has been many ways to make cards and most of them require better techniques.

Now with so many software and printers you can make realistic cards at home and also paste some photos to increase the vibe. You can also write special font messages to give a great feel to the overall card. Whatever you do, these tricks will help you make realistic cards better than before.

A Good Printer

The most important factor when making a computerized card is the printer you are going to use. Handmade cards are all fun and games but a special printed card contains all the right colors and combination of best background to make them happy. If you are getting an image or a special message printed than don’t settle for an ordinary printer. With so many innovations, you can also use 3D printing now which gives a great affect. To get best 3D printers the prusa voucher is a great coupon.

The Right Colors

Great results depend on a great start and which is why the first important thing is choosing the right colors for your card. The choice of right colors can depend on the person, event, occasion or the type of relationship you share with them. Beginners often have trouble choosing which colors to use. Choosing a color from the picture you’re using as your cardstock backdrop color is an easy way to achieve better results. Add matching colored embellishments and accents to your card using one or two more colors from the photo.

The Right Software

You can make your cards with any 2D design software, such as Adobe Photoshop. Publishing design programmes like Adobe InDesign or Affinity Publisher, on the other hand, give you more control over page size, color settings, and typography. It’s about time that your knowledge of adobe Photoshop comes in handy and don’t forget to use is to make the best cards. If you are not much aware of how to use Photoshop then a YouTube basic tutorial can get you started.

Focus on the Message

Even if it’s a single liner try to make it impactful. The message you send with your card does the main job. Try to pour out your feelings in the message rather than typing and sending a basic quote from the internet. No judgements, but a little expression of genuine feelings goes a long way.


The best greeting cards are concise and eye-catching. Folded cards allow you to write a message on the inside and, if chosen, add your own name or emblem to the back of the card. Two-sided postcards can be mailed without an envelope and can be similarly striking with the right composition if you’re looking for a more cost-effective style.

Use your Colors

Combine your love of colors with your love of making cards if you are a natural with a paintbrush. On card stock, watercolor paints work well. You can paint whatever you want, from whimsical cartoons to nature scenes, to make your own one-of-a-kind greeting card. You can use one of the gorgeous water color painting techniques in the connection below to make elegant handmade cards if you fold cardstock into your perfect card form.