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How to Make On-Demand Delivery App: Cost and Features

How to Make On-Demand Delivery App: Cost and Features


The on-demand delivery applications are creating hurdles and troubles for different businesses one by one. You will find an On-demand delivery app almost everywhere and with every business. It all initiated with the Uber concept. But now, it covers nearly all the areas from homes to the healthcare field. And on another side, you are allowed to order anytime from anywhere. Cost and Features

There is a purpose behind the rapid increase in on-demand applications as it becomes the requirement of every business. And all the companies want to build their business application. But remember developing an on-demand application is depends on your business type and what product and services you will provide to your customers before going into the details of application development. You have to consider all the essential things. Those are very crucial in the development process.

How to Make an On-Demand Delivery App?

Know the Purpose & Targeted Segment:

Make sure your idea meets the needs of your current and potential customers with an on-demand application development approach before diving into the complex technical details. Find the right audience and their likes and dislikes, perform an online survey, research the competition, and use social media to do so. F95 Zone offers several unique features/segments that make it really popular and ever-growing. Animated videos, comic content, and several interesting groups are to name a few.

It’s better to list all the offerings and features on the paper you will offer in your app. Suppose you don’t have any knowledge about the standard app features. Then you can get help from the previously uploaded apps from Google Play Store or App Store. That will assist you in getting proper understandings of design in a better way.

Create A Checklist of Execution:

When you have successfully done the above steps, it will become easy for you to create a checklist. And give that list to your On-Demand delivery app developers. So, they can start work as per your requirements. This whole process contains.

  • Catalog, company information, goods, services, and availability
  • An order confirmation is required from the user’s perspective.
  • The features list that you need.
  • Info about the integration
  • Costs, third-party suppliers, and other considerations
  • Production timeline/deadline

Visual and Technical Contexts and Designs:

Seek a wireframe from your app developer. So, you can guide them if there is any mistake. And offer new changes so they can build perfect UI/UX designs for your mobile app. Talk about your ideas and provide feedback on the overall design process before going forward with app development.

Trust your developers and keep up to date with the various platforms and languages used in the process if you don’t have the technological know-how.

Minimum Viable Product Creation (Mvp):

The MVP is a model. It is a ready-made model to use. This prototype MVP have some crucial features of a particular mobile application the reason behind it to get and attract more customers to the application. And analyze the entire performance and success of the on-demand app.

Development and Integration:

This phase is critical because it refers to the actual application development. You’re now going to introduce your app to the market. Your Android and iOS software developers use the active development process for different functions when creating the app. In addition, analyze and ensure that each feature or method works properly and is compatible with the others.

Innovative and Advanced Technology:

Your app’s entire performance relies on the technology you use, as technology is essential. It determines the capability of your application and the capacity to accept the increasing user number.

An application created with lower quality technology tends to stop working and hang most of the time. But on the other side of the application is developed with new technology, you won’t face the same problem. So, it will be better to go for the most advanced and new technology. Customers usually avoid such apps that take more time to load.

Vital Features Essential for Successful On-Demand Delivery Applications

Features Customer’s Application


the registration process must be simple. Like customers will allow linking their social media accounts or their email address. So, they can easily manage their account. But the best idea is to use the customer’s phone number as registration.

Real-Time GPS Monitoring:

The real-time GPS is a must-have feature in the application as it allows the customer to track their order. On the other side, it builds trust among customers.

Payment Integration:

This feature is useful. The payment method must be safe and secure. As customers are using their info and password, it must be reliable. It would be better to offer all possible payment methods for your customers, like COD (cash on delivery) and pay by card e-Wallets. 

Reviews and Evaluations:

These reviews from the customers’ side are the feedbacks that help you to understand that which points need extra time and effort. The users are allowed to share their experiences with your app. So, you can update your application accordingly.

Order Placement:

When done with the product search, they will buy the product, and if they like it, they will place the order. Users are allowed to order simultaneously or schedule the order for the next day or the next hour. The standard info requires for order placing includes address customer info like phone number email, product info, price, and expected delivery time.

In-App Call/Messaging:

All the on-demand applications have an in-app call and messaging facility. By which a customer is connected with the real-time delivery. And get in touch with the driver and company. The lcustomer also approaches the rider or driver by text messages.

Cost of On-Demand Application Development:

Mentioning the exact cost of on-demand applications is challenging. As the cost to make an app varies from company to company. The entire cost depends on the complexity and the number of features you want to add to your on-demand app.

The cost mainly depending on two things. First are the total hours that are required to develop an app. And the second thing is the rate of developers that varies from country to country. Developing an on-demand application demands skills and expertise.

Therefore, you have to be alert while you choose the developer. Ensure that you hire a company with the required skill set and experience in on-demand app development. And the most important thing your team must be cost-effective.

Final Note:

The most significant thing is to locate the renowned and appropriate app development firm for your on-demand app development. Many well-known companies are in a market like Cubix and many more. You have to locate a company that has hands-on experience and expertise in on-demand application development. And they offer you the desired outcomes and satisfaction as you want. For getting a competitive edge, you have to go for your on-demand business application.