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How to get a credit card in Africa Tips

A credit card is a simple yet-no ordinary card that permits the owner to make purchases without bringing out any amount of cash. Instead, by using a credit card, the owner borrows from the issuing firm, which is usually a bank, to make purchases whether onsite or online.

In exchange for the credit, the card owner has to return the complete amount borrowed within a given period of time to reject incurring extra charges. Beyond that time, a percentage of the owned balance amount, interest, needs to be paid, along with the owed balance amount.

Here are some of the advantages of credit card and how to get a credit card in Uganda:

Built credit

Credit cards, when used rightly, can help you build credit. Using credit is generally a need for building credit. When you have a best credit through how to get a credit card in Egypt, the advantages can contain better interest rates on mortgages, credit cards and auto loans, among other things.

Earn rewards

Credit cards can earn you rewards in the type of cash back or points, all for spending as you usually do. Many famous cards also provide sign-up bonuses that provide a big number of points if you meet the spending needs within the specified period time frame.

Fraud protection

In many cases, credit card firms have safeguards designed to help save you and your purchases from credit card fraud. If you see charges you do not recognize, call your credit card firm. If you cannot find your card, be sure to report it or stolen as soon as easy.

Do not have to carry cash

Using a credit card is generally more convenient than using cash, and it will often take up less area in a wallet than a wad of bills.

Credit cards can be in your pocket at all times ready go whenever. Plus, if you drop your card, your issuer can just send you a new one. 

Tracking your spending

All purchases on a credit card are tracked and recorded by the issuer. Having your transaction history – adding the amounts spend and dates, name of merchants – can make understanding your spending a lot simpler than recording every cash transaction on a ledger.


Most credit cards come with big perks, such as price protection, fraud protection and extended warranties.

Credit cards with travel advantages generally contain such perks as rental car insurance, roadside assistance, delayed and lost baggage insurance, among many other.