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How to choose a sump pump?

The sump pump requirement depends upon the locality you’re living in or the surrounding area. If you’re living in a dry place where you haven’t faced any flood or seen any standing water in your basement, then, in that case, you probably don’t need a sump pump. However, if you’re living in a place where rainfall is very high or your house floods occasionally, then having a sump pump is a must. 


Since you can find hundreds of varieties and options available in the market, here are a few points that you need to keep in mind while making any purchase. 


  •   Horsepower 


Horsepower mainly refers to the power of removing the excess water more quickly. More water will be pumped, if the sump pump has more powerful motors. Usually, if the moisture is not a big problem for you then you don’t need to think overboard and buy a high-power motor sump pump. 


  •   Cord length 


Must remember that you need to plug the sump pump directly into the main power source outlet, so make sure to check the cord length before buying. Also, don’t use an extension cord for plugging. 


  •   Head pressure 


It defines as the maximum height that a sump pump can lift up the water. A few sump pump comes with a head pressure of 10  feet about which it can raise the water. You must always go for a sump pump that can pump water out of the sump pit and up to the discharge pipe. 


  •   Manual or automatic


You can find both manuals as well as an automatic sump pump in the market. However, a manual sump pump is comparatively less expensive than an automatic sump pump. But for better convenience, always choose an automatic sump pump. 


  •   Voltage


Most of the sump pump fully operate on a standard 110-120 volt circuit. You may also find a sump pump operating on 220-460 volts, but that is mainly used for industrial purposes.  


  •   Backup and alarm system 


Backup and alarm systems are two important features of a sump pump. An alarm notifies you when the water level reaches high, and a backup system helps you in the crisis. Having both the features in a sump pump helps to handle a sump pump efficiently in your day-to-day life. 

All these factors will help you figure out the best suitable sump pump for your basement. Make sure to go through each factor carefully, as you can find a variety of sump pumps in the market. Once you find the right sump pump, the very next step is to install it.