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How much RAM do I need for gaming?

It’s one of the first questions buyers ask when buying a new gaming PC: “How much RAM do I need?” Is the 4 GB of system memory in many budget laptops enough to play my favorite games? [Don’t worry… Few games like autobet require 32 GB of RAM!]

The good news is that some interesting and fun PC games can be played with as low as 4 GB of RAM, not the latest or the most popular. For the newest and most popular games, you will need more RAM allocated to maintain the high frames per second (FPS) rates associated with smooth gameplay.

But there’s good news too. Market forces (such as the decline in smartphone sales) have caused memory costs to drop recently. You’ll get more RAM for your money a few years ago. come

What is the right RAM for PC gaming?

RAM requirements vary for each game title and variation. There are a lot of games (first-person combat, sports and adventure, virtual reality simulators, and so on), so if you’re buying a new gaming PC to play a specific game or genre, start by checking the manufacturer’s published specifications. Games for RAM, processor speed, video card, etc. You’ll typically find both “minimum” and “recommended” system specs.

In general, here’s a breakdown of the most popular RAM sizes and their ability to power today’s PC games:


  • RAM for Gaming – 4 GB: Having only 4 GB of RAM will limit your options in terms of game titles and game types, although older, simpler games will perform well. And while many of today’s popular games list 4 GB as the “minimum” RAM requirement, experts often recommend having the manufacturer’s “recommended” RAM allocation (almost always higher than 4 GB).
  • Gaming RAM – 8 GB: 8 GB RAM chip is recommended to support today’s PC games and gaming styles. Many experts call this game the “hot spot” for RAM. Unless you are running a game server or playing a game moderator/referee role, experts say 8 GB of RAM is usually enough for every game except the ones that have it. most demanding
  • RAM for gaming – 16 GB: If you are trying “Future-proofing” your new gaming system, having 16 GB of RAM might be a good idea. Some manufacturers already recommend 16 GB for their newest games, including Just Cause 4, Quantum Break, and more. Plus, the extra RAM can help if you plan on using your PC for other things (like playing music). while you are playing
  • RAM for Gaming – 32 GB: In the mid-2019 almost every gaming expert considers 32 GB of RAM to be superfluous for gaming. Such massive amounts of RAM are mostly aimed at video editors. and others with working files that are too large In fact, many of the advanced visual features of today’s PC games rely on VRAM on discrete graphics cards rather than system-wide RAM. (This is one reason you often see “dedicated GPU” in the recommended system requirements. for high performance game environments)

Factors other than RAM affecting gaming performance

Of course, RAM isn’t the only factor that determines whether your PC can support the games you love to play. Two different system components – you might guess what – generally have a greater effect on game performance:


  • Processor: When it comes to deciding whether your PC is ready for your favorite games or not, the top priority is the processor. You can store a large amount of game data in the memory. But the speed of the CPU will still determine how quickly that data can create actions and responses on the screen.
  • Graphics: Systems with integrated graphics. The graphics card (installed in the CPU) must – naturally – use common system memory to render the game, while the discrete graphics card (GPU) has its own dedicated VRAM to handle many graphics tasks. Therefore, a PC with a discrete GPU can produce smoother game images with less RAM than similar systems with integrated graphics.

Option to improve game performance without using more RAM.

Of course, you can’t always buy the best and most expensive systems on the market. If price or availability forces you to buy a new PC with less RAM than you need, there are still things you can do to improve gaming performance pgslot auto