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How is guard tour system helpful in the organization?


In modern times, everyone’s biggest concern is security. This the reason why technology has entered this system to provide the best results. Nowadays,it can be seen that different companies are taking the help of the guard tour system that helps in ensuring the security of the organization in the best possible way. Even now this system comes with cloud-based technology that helps in the efficient working of the security services at the place.


Over a while, it is seen that there is an immense increase in illegal activities like burglaries, thefts, damages to the asset, etc. So the one-stop solution to all these things is the installation of a guard tour system. Here is the list of benefits stated below:


  • Simple yet very convenient: This system is based upon very simple criteria. There is no such requirement to use notebooks to maintain records. All this work is done on a system that can be easily installed on the smartphone. The officer has to scan the document and can put it through the phone in the system, the rest of everything will be done by the system. It can be easily operated by the guards, officers, and the management.
  • Improve accountability: This system has the feature of GPS tracking that makes it very easy for the management to keep track of the movement of the guards. There will be no need of appointing separate people who will go for patrolling. This work will be done by the system through the means of the GPS. This is how the accountability of the guards towards their work can be improved.
  • Offer automation: Gone are the days when every single task was done manually with the help of pen and paper. Now is the time of the new technology that is offering a huge change in the working style by offering automation. In this system, the user has to put all the data correctly and the results regarding the scheduling of different guards at different places, their performance sheet, everything will be provided to the person just with few clicks. This is how the whole process can be accelerated.
  • Maintain proper records: Earlier the record maintenance used to take a lot of time and energy for the company. But with the help of this system, it is very easy to maintain as well as access different records at once. The system will include all sorts of information that can be in form of an image, voice recording, document, etc. It will carefully maintain all the records to provide the best results.
  • Real-time tracking: The feature of GPS helps in tracking the security guards that are present at a different location. It will help in finding out that whether they are on their duty at the desired place or not. Even it will help in tracking the activity of the guard in real-time. In case of a problem, instant alerts are sent to the guards.


In nutshell, it can be stated that getting hands on the new technology like security guard tracking systems will benefit with many things that will boost the overall productivity.