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How Important Data Analysis is for your Business?

The discussion in the market regarding data collection and analysis is increasing. Several concepts emerged such as big data (mass data collection), dashboards (data presentation dashboards), business intelligence (data analysis), among many others, treating data as the most important new asset of the company.

Keeping up with all these changes can be quite a challenge for entrepreneurs and leaders who still do not understand how to apply these concepts to their companies or how it will be beneficial to understand more about the subject.

Data without analysis is useless

Receiving a spreadsheet of numbers is confusing and can be more of a hindrance than a help, so all of your company’s data needs to be analyzed to determine relevance and reliability.

In addition, it is important to make them more attractive when presenting to other teams, not all employees will find it easy to deal with numbers and data, so creating more visual images that facilitate understanding and explanation can engage and arouse interest in the information being presented.

Some alternatives to make them more attractive are to turn the data into graphics. You can even use the famous dashboards, large dashboards that show important business metrics and indicators and the goals to be achieved by the team.

Benefits of making strategic decisions based on analyzed data

Market recognition

With decisions and strategies based on data, the probability of getting the solutions right increases considerably, as your understanding of the public, your market, and your business is greatly improved with the data collected, facilitating innovation and getting more right in products and services. This is perceived by the market in a very positive way, encouraging your company’s growth.

Your customers create the perception that your company delivers products and services more adapted and consistent with their needs, generating more connections and greater chances of sales.

Your suppliers prefer to work with your company because of the market recognition it earns. You get more choices from vendors with better and better benefits.

Its investors come to believe more and more in the business due to the public’s acceptance of its deliveries. You also have more bargaining power in business relationships as you grow.

Greater Agility to respond to the market

More incentive to innovate means that the probability of your business becoming obsolete decreases considerably. You start to respond faster and faster to market changes, managing to apply changes and create solutions with more agility and assertiveness.

It becomes more and more likely that your business is ahead of the changes, not just responding to them. Your customers will become more demanding, expecting other companies to follow suit, but you will always be ahead of the competition.

Applying internal changes

When we talk about data, we’re not just referring to the externals, but also the internals. With more information about the current functioning of your business, teams, employees and leaders can apply internal changes more easily.

And the likelihood of you getting these changes right also increases. You will be more aware of everyone’s perception of internal issues, being able to find solutions that suit your teams more positively, improving the work environment, engagement, and motivation of all.

Many entrepreneurs and leaders are afraid to open the company’s internal data to their teams, but the reality is that this reinforces the confidence of employees in the organization, encourages transparency, involves professionals more in the growth of the business, and encourages innovation.

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