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How far does the bubble in which Eduard Rousaud is trapped reach reach?

How far does the bubble Eduard Rousaud go? The reality is that in this Tenerife Open we discover a player who really does his best to avoid any distractions to get him out of the job. He doesn’t look at rankings, he doesn’t open the internet during the week and barely gets a reference from the comments of friends on Instagram. It does allow that, although he makes it clear that 90 percent of the cases involve making jokes or having personal conversations.

Alfredo, the Old Man and the Sea

Rousaud has assured today that he did not even know he would participate in the penultimate game of the day. He hadn’t looked at it. ‘I know it was at the end because we had the television cameras. That’s the main difference I felt playing with the cameras today and I’m really happy with how it turned out for me.

I think I would have done the same lap on Thursday. It has not been a worse result for participation in the tournament. It just took me more today, I’ve felt the course harder and I’ve made some stupid mistakes but I’m happy with my attitude because there was a time when I could have gone, like at the 16th hole when I missed a putt.

too short for par, ”he explains. Tomorrow he will be four strokes behind the leaders, ready to put the finishing touches on the best week of his life on the European Tour.

– Pep Angles (-11) The return has not been dreamed or expected today. He has delivered a 73 hit card and has come off the hook to win. His day was marked by the drive on hole 4.

He missed the ball on the left and the ball was unplayable in the penalty area. It cost him a double bogey and then he made three more bogeys until the first bird fell. Be that as it may, although the reading on his part is not going to be good, the reality is that he has responded very well from then on.

He made his first birdie on the 11th hole and his share from there to the end was three under par. Angles has experience and knows that tomorrow Sunday, from afar, he can make another great round that will allow him to leave Tenerife with a big booty. in his hands.

Sebastián and his ‘new’ driver knock on the door again

– Nicolai Von Dellingshausen attended the media after the third round and immediately settled on the terrace of Golf Costa Adeje to have a soft drink with his caddy.

Nobody believes he spent the afternoon there. Just ten minutes of relaxation and run to the hotel. The German will have to raise the level of his game slightly on Sunday compared to this third day, to really turn his career around.

Today, he hit very good putts to save pairs, without progressing on the 18th hole, and was also very lucky on two specific moments. At hole 3, he took all the juice out of the scheme: he failed at the start, got stuck behind a palm tree and convinced the referee to allow him a drop without penalty because there was an irrigation hose connecting his left-handed attitude upset … Ole for his ingenuity, because really only by hitting left-handed could he get that ball back to the fairway, and for that reason the referee accepted the ‘game’ as good.

Later the second shot on the 13th hole, again a par 5, was noisy, and his ball, which passed the green like a bolt of lightning and could have gotten into serious trouble from behind, hit the television tower and remained in a very good position to play. take. send the bird forward, as it happened.

A map with a lot of novice and some other fairground shotgun

– The wind has made things more complicated in Costa Adeje in recent days. And also the parts are not particularly nice, neither with the intensity, nor with the direction.

Tomorrow is, in theory, expected to be a pretty pleasant day, with winds that shouldn’t even reach 15 kilometers per hour, but the truth is that today it indicated something similar and then, before noon, is already biting a bit more.– Excellent behavior from the Spanish amateur who managed to pass the cut, Álvaro Hernández Cabezuela.

The young man from Tenerife passed the first nine holes today with a partial loss of two left, but then he reacted grandly and added four birdies for the second half of the round, eventually drawing a good 69 shots card. .

Next Sunday, he will play with James Morrison and Pablo Larrazábal, a remarkable and engaging match to complete the experience.

A fairy tale named Álvaro Hernández Cabezuel

– Adri Arnaus (-11) continues to threaten with a stratospheric turn. It’s not far at all and we’ll have to be aware of it because it could fit in well on Sunday. Today he has made 66 shots with a sidereal 30 shots in the second nine of Costa Adeje.

Little by little he gets closer to his best form, every day he can master his game and his new distances and you have to wait because the volcano is about to explode … – Important news from the track’s quartermaster.

There will be British Masters. It is played safe. Or rather: the week is not going to change. The only thing that does not have the European tour yet. It is the special permission of the British government that if there is a positive in the charter of the Tour, the entire aircraft would have to be quarantined. When that happens, there is of course no tournament.

It has been decided to continue while the negotiations continue to obtain safe behavior. As it stands, there will be a charter to Birmingham on Sunday at seven in the afternoon after the Canary Championship and their fingers will be crossed so that there is no positive result … or that Boris Johnson’s long-awaited consent comes in.