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How Does the Chest of Drawers Enhance Your Space?

Chest of drawers are a symbol of luxury and peace. They can be placed in a bedroom, hallway, living room and any other place you want. Chests of drawers typically store folded clothing in a bedroom. But there are more ways to use dressers, whether it’s in a primary bedroom, guest room, or a child’s sleeping space.

Where to use them properly?

You can use them anywhere you want. You can use a low chest of drawers as a bedside table or put a bureau in a large closet to better organize your accessories and clothing. A chest of drawers can be used as a storage at the foot of your bed too. But here the bureau should be a little lower than the top of your mattress.

Dedicating a small chest of drawers in a guest room will be a stunning theme. It helps a house guest to tuck their personal belongings. If you want to use a chest of drawers in a child’s room as a toy box, then also it is a great idea! Take out the drawers of a bureau you no longer want, add casters and use as under-the-bed storage containers.


You can also place them in the work area near the kitchen or near the study area of your children. Moreover, you can place a small, waist-high chest of drawers between two chairs or at the end of your sofa to serve as an end table.


If you have a long dresser as a console table placed at the back of your sofa; use a dresser that’s either the same height or lower than your sofa’s back. Or you can fill a chest with puzzles, games, art supplies, or books in the family room. This way you can make the room more lively and attractive.


You can also use a low, long chest of drawers as an entertainment center to hold a television or any electronic accessories. Another idea is to turn a chest of drawers of any size into a bar; remove one of the drawers to fit or make a wine holder or rack. You can apply this idea if you are inviting many guests to your home.

If you want to install these beauties in the dining room, then you can use a long and low chest in the dining room as a sideboard, using the top for serving buffet style. You can also set up a chest in the kitchen as a coffee station or coffee bar, storing coffee, tea, pods, cups, and spoons in the drawers. If you want to create a kitchen island, with a waist-high chest of drawers, then that is also possible. Simply install hooks and rails on the sides for pot holder towels. Whether you use your chest of drawers as a bar, kitchen island, or for another storage solution around your home, consider adding casters to the bottom. Add a handle to the side for easier mobility.


A smaller chest in the dining room offers a place on its top to set up a tea service, desserts, a floral arrangement, or seasonal decorations.