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How do meditation and yoga help during COVID-19 infection?

How do meditation and yoga help during COVID-19 infection?

It is a known fact that this virus spreads very quickly through the body, causing tissue damage, resulting in respiratory stress syndrome. Meditation is known to have a good effect in the treatment of patients of any disease, including COVID-19.

Research has shown that inflammation can be reduced by stimulating the vagal nerve complex, which is an important part of the peripheral and central nervous system. The response we have from “fight or flight” can be trained to become a relaxation response. Meditation and yoga can enhance the vagal tone. It also circulates pro-inflammatory cytokines. There is a reduction in the activation of the sympathetic nervous system.

Research and study have shown that even 20 minutes of meditation and yoga per day for 6 weeks has wonderful results and reduces pro-inflammatory activity.

The stretching in yoga asanas also has a very good effect on the body’s immune system. Yoga down regulates the cytokine receptors. These also have a positive effect on the mind and calm and soothe. The expression of pro-inflammatory genes is reduced.

It is also noted that anxiety and stress decrease a person’s immunity levels and make them more vulnerable and susceptible, therefore meditating helps to calm the mind and reduce anxiety levels and stress. The mind is very well equipped to deal with internal and external stress.

Meditation and yoga require breathing techniques, and when used properly, the lungs become strong and get their daily exercise. Strong and healthy lungs are a boon that helps fight the deadly Coronavirus effectively and much better.

Those who practice mediation are healthier mentally, physically and emotionally to deal with this disease.

Meditation and yoga can be done in any setup, you just need a quiet corner and a yoga mat, so go ahead and practice the simple and effective yoga and meditation while recovering from the COVID-19, your recovery will be faster a must to be !