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How Cheap Phones are Worth Your Money?

Cheap or affordable phones find a place in most Indian homes for their mass accessibility approach and impressive configuration at a genuinely lower cost. With the Samsung phone under 10000, this South Korean brand is setting a benchmark with its quality low-priced models. 

Apart from Samsung, other top smartphone brands such as Xiaomi, Realme, Oppo, Vivo, and other market competitors are producing affordable smartphones to cater to a wide range of audiences instead of focusing on just a section of society.

These budget-friendly phones are not only accessible at a low cost but are also rich in high technological features and configuration, providing durability.

How are cheap phones worth the money?

Samsung phones under 10000 has been a driving force in the Indian market with its excellent performance. While being affordable, mid-range and low-end Android phones suffer from their share of drawbacks. Some may have a good battery life sacrificing on the big screen. 

Others can possess a better camera but at the cost of performance. Samsung Galaxy M02s 64GB is a Samsung phone under 10000 with 4 GB RAM, 64 GB internal storage, 6.5-inch large (16.51 cm) display, and 5000mAh battery. The specification is to highlight the features the handset is offering at such a low-cost, yet not compromising on its quality.

Also, 2020’s bestselling brand, Xiaomi, with a 27% market share, is the flag bearer of affordable smartphones in India. The Redmi 9 series starts from Rs.8500 approximately and offers 4GB memory. It also provides 128GB storage space with a high-performance Helio G35 Octa-core processor, 6.53-inch HD + IPS display, and 5000mAh enhanced battery life. This again indicates the fact that affordable phones are worth the money. 

Samsung phones under 10000 have time and again proved that budget handsets could provide high-quality features as well, garnering upon itself positive consumer reviews on its impressive hardware and longevity. 

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Why buy a cheap smartphone?

  • Decent camera quality- In recent times, even cheap phones sport high-resolution sensors to capture rich photos.
  • Good LCD screens- The LCD screens in cheap smartphones are good enough to navigate through various pages at a time. The display technology offers a good viewing experience overall.
  • Considerably fast phones-The smartphone termed cheap for their low-cost sale, offers a decent web browsing speed, running apps and likewise.

These features highlight that cheap phones are genuinely worth the price for individuals looking for budget phones. The Samsung 4GB ram mobile offers value for money.

How are smartphones available at low prices?

  • Hardware- Most cheap phones are either low-end hardware or high-end smartphones from a couple of years ago. One of the most effective ways of cutting down expenses the performance is compromised.
  • Long-term reliability and updates- The cheap phones may or may not be long-term reliable smartphones. Even the android versions are the old ones with very few update options.
  • Compatibility issue: Some cheap smartphones face compatibility issues with all carriers. 

Every product comes with its set of drawbacks. Just like cheap phones, even high-tech smartphones have certain limitations. It will be wrong to say Samsung phones under 10000 will provide features like that of the Samsung Galaxy Fold. 

So, cheap phones are definitely worth the money, provided you choose the right ones!

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