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How Can TikTok Be Risky for Your Kids? What Are the Dangers?

Is TikTok Dangerous for Your Kids? What are the Risks?

TikTok has become instantly popular just over a short period of time. Tweens, teens, and adults are obsessing over this app right now, swiping, laughing, and sharing TikTok videos with one another. While kids and teens are going crazy about the app, parents remain concerned about it. They keep wondering whether TikTok is safe for kids or not. 

In fact, many parents have secretly installed a mobile spy app on their kid’s smartphones only to monitor their kid’s activity on the TikTok app. While some parents choose to keep the mobile spy app hidden from their kids, others tell their kids about the app and use it with their kid’s permission. 

What’s TikTok All About? 

TikTok is a China-based social media app that replaced the Musical.ly app back in 2017. This video-based app allows users to create an account, generate short videos, upload on their account and then share with others. 

According to the latest reports, TikTok has 1 billion active users in 155 countries. About 60 percent of TikTok’s audience is users aged between 16 and 24. Anyone above the age of 12 can join TikTok and create content over there. There is no age-verification process on the app though. 

Why Are Kids Crazy About TikTok?

TikTok gained popularity in a relatively short period of time because it allowed users to create instant short videos and share them with others on the platform. This social media app has become the latest online hangout for kids where they gather and discover new ways to express their talent and then become famous. 

TikTok allows them to follow their interests, become entertained by watching different people on the app and receive likes, views, and shares for their videos and efforts. There are built-in editing tools, free music, and dialogue clips, and filters in the app that allow users to generate creative videos just for free. 

Users can share absolutely anything on the app. From lip-sync videos to personal raves or rants to hilarious sketches, they can share different sorts of content on the app. Many tweens and teens consider this platform as a place where they can de-stress themselves and express their hidden talent. Several TikTok users with millions of followers are now also making money through this app. 

While the app allows kids to express themselves and be entertained by watching content from fellow users, it can also pose some serious risks to them. Below, let’s talk about the potential dangers your kids might face on the app. 

Is TikTok Risky for Your Kids? What Are the Dangers?

It is true that TikTok has become the latest go-to social media app for every kid and teen these days. They don’t spend much time on any other social media app other than TikTok. That is the reason why parents are so much concerned about their kid’s safety on this app. 

TikTok is not inherently risky for your kids but we cannot completely accept that it is the safest platform for them. Most social media apps including TikTok are not completely dangerous for kids. Instead, it is the way your kids and teens use the app that puts themselves as well as others at risk. 

That is the reason why every parent needs to understand how their kids are using TikTok, how they are engaging with others on the app, and how to make the experience of using the app as safe as possible for them. 

Below, we have outlined some of the potential dangers your kids can come across on TikTok. Let’s talk about these risks.  

Oversharing the TikTok Content 

TikTok has caused kids and teens to share their daily activities through TikTok videos. Inadvertently, they share everything about their lives through the app. For instance, they share personal information about themselves with others on the app without thinking about the consequences. They expose personal information such as the name of their school, their home address, and contact number. Oversharing of information on such apps can put your kids at risk. 

Stranger Danger 

Did you know that any stranger can reach out to your kid on the app and start talking to them? Stranger danger is a real deal on TikTok. Several reports have suggested that predators use this platform to connect and interact with kids. Anyone who is a user on TikTok can send a private message to your kid and start a conversation with them. Predating is quite common on this app and that’s how it becomes risky for your kids. 

Exposure to Adult Content 

There is no age restriction to joining the TikTok platform. Your kid who is below the age of 12 can also become a part of it. If your kid has an account on TikTok, he/she can have access to all sorts of content on the app. They can easily become exposed to adult content including images, videos, and even lyrics on the app. They may unknowingly watch or listen to songs containing explicit lyrics. Therefore, the app can be dangerous for kids as it exposes them to mature content and lyrics. 

Too Much Screen Time 

TikTok is like a magnet for kids. They spend most of their time on the app, swiping, viewing, and sharing the videos with other users. Your kid’s screen time will eventually increase if they spend long hours in front of the app. Excessive screen time can lead to a lack of sleep and several other health-related problems for your kids. 


Several cyberbullying incidents take place on TikTok. It is true that users create cringe-worthy videos on the platform and receive negative feedback from other users. Sometimes your kid may post a cringe-worthy or bad video on TikTok and in return receive backlash from other users. Some users can be really mean as they post offensive and rude comments underneath your kid’s videos. This is how cyberbullying becomes prevalent on the app and can be extremely harmful to your kid’s mental health. 

Urge for Becoming Popular 

TikTok urges kids and teens to become an overnight sensation. When they look at other popular TikTok users who have gained massive likes, views, and shares on their videos, they also desire the same. They can quest for such likes, views, and shares. To receive that, they can also go to any extreme length. The obsession with becoming popular on the app can cause them to make bad decisions, engage themselves in risky behavior, participate in dangerous challenges, and share harmful content. 

Keep Kids Safe on the App

No parent would want their kids to come across dangers on TikTok. If you want your kid to have a safe experience on the app, you need to first download the app and understand how it works. You need to be aware of all the dangers and risks your kid may come across while using the app. 

You can set privacy settings for your kids so they do not come across any potential dangers. Last but not least, you can install a cell phone spy app on your kid’s smartphone to monitor their activity on the TikTok app. With a reliable and effective cell phone spy app, you can monitor your kid’s activity on TikTok and find out whether or not they are safe on that platform. 

Instead of keeping your kids away from the app and not letting them use it, it is better to let them use the app safely and responsibly. Educate your kids about the potential risks they might encounter while using the app so they know how to tackle them.