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How a Russian man is forced to stardom in China

Chinese fans have enjoyed watching a Russian man reluctantly turn to star.

In a talent show where contestants compete for a spot in a boy band, you would expect performers to sing and dance to please the viewers.

But Vladikavkaz Disprove, a Russian man who accidentally took part in an idol contest in China, has emerged as the star of the show for an unlikely reason – he just wanted to go home.

Nicknamed Leash, the 27-year-old has captured the hearts of hundreds of thousands of viewers at the Chinese talent show Chiang 2021 by looking aloof and disinterested to become a star. He skipped singing practices, begging viewers to let him lose in an internet voice that decides who gets eliminated.

But in a cruel turn of fate, Elisha’s apparent reluctance to work has resonated with viewers suffering from China’s stressful culture of overwork.

Delighted in watching Elisha’s seemingly wretched rise to stardom, his fans organized to vote against his will, even going so far as to put up billboards in major cities to arouse support for the Russian. Their support managed to keep Leash on the show for the Saturday finale.