Hillsborough Co. Commissioner Les Miller Targeted by racist emails

HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY, Fla. – Hillsborough County Commissioner Les Miller was the victim of a new racist email attack on Thursday.

What you need to know

  • Miller received 3 racist emails, according to the county
  • Messages have been transferred to Sheriff’s Office, Tampa Police
  • County gives statements of support late Thursday
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“Every time you get them or when you hear that word, it cuts deep. I mean very, very deep, ā€¯Miller said. “It is painful. But you have to take the main road, because if you don’t, you will be brought down as low as they are.”

Miller may be taking that “high road,” but some of the other board members said the people who send these dirty and hurtful messages should be called and punished.

A total of three racist hate-laced emails were sent to Miller. Two of the emails, sent from the usernames “Stonewall Jackson” and “White Majority”, were sent to all Commissioners.

Many couldn’t believe what they read.

“These messages are from individuals still in our midst who harbor hatred in their hearts,” said Kimberly Overman, Hillsborough County Commissioner. “And their anonymously sent words show ignorance, cowardice and are reprehensible.”

Miller said that as hurtful as those racist emails were, they shed light on an ugly reality, like many other events after George Floyd’s death.

“For my colleagues to see that today, it was exactly the same kind of, I think, eye-opening experience they saw, like,” Hold on, this is real. This is happening, ” said Miller.

Even with the spiteful reports, Miller said they wouldn’t stop him from doing his job. That includes helping the people who sent those spiteful emails.

Meanwhile, Miller says that he has handed the letters over to the Sheriff’s and Tampa’s police department.

Hillsborough County released a statement in late Thursday in support of Miller: