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Heating and Cooling System

Heating and cooling systems tend to keep our temperature maintained. In summers we depend upon the air-conditioning while in winters we depend upon the heating systems to keep us warmed up. When your house is cold in winter, then it’s obviously time for you to call for a professional service like furnace repairs Madison WI for repair.

However there are a few basic things that you should know about your heating and cooling systems in order to understand what may be the problem.

Working of Heating and Cooling Systems

Climate control devices tend to have three basic components:

  1. A source for producing warm or cool air
  2. A method for distributing that air
  3. A control to regulate the process

Both the sources of warm and cool air may use the same method of distribution and regulation. For example the cool and warm air of a central air conditioning system uses the same ducts for distribution and control systems.  A malfunction means either one of the three components may have an issue.

Furnaces use heat in order to warm your home and air conditioners remove it in order to make it cooler. However both procedures require fuel to operate. Air conditioners use electricity to run while heating systems use either gas, oil or electricity. Fuel is burned to produce heat and channel it through the ducts using registers, radiators or heat panels. Electric power is used to cool gas in a coil to its liquid state and warm air tends to become cool when it comes in contact with this cooling coil before being channelled out of the unit.

Heating and Cooling Distribution

Once the process of warming or cooling the air is accomplished, from thereon it must be distributed throughout the place. This is accomplished by certain distribution mechanisms like

  • Forced-Air Systems

As the name implies this system distributes the hot or cool air using an electric powered fan which is called a blower. Another set of ducts is used to return the air in order to be warmed or cooled. This can be adjusted according to your preference. Blower malfunctions may be one reason for your heating or cooling system to go haywire.

  • Gravity Systems

Gravity systems depend upon the phenomenon of hot air rises and cool air sinks. In this mechanism, furnaces are often near or below the floor. The rising warm air flows through the ducts and is distributed.  Heat registers are higher than the furnaces and the cool air sinks to enter return air ducts just to be reheated in the furnace.

  • Radiant Systems

These systems function by warming the walls, floors or ceilings using radiators. They may use electric heating panels to radiate heat. However these cannot be used to distribute cool air from air conditioners.

Controls for Cooling and Heating Systems:

A thermostat or a heat-sensitive switch is used in order to control the regulation of temperature at your home. The mechanism works over its response to the changes in temperature and the need to maintain a set point. The key component of this thermostat is a bimetallic element that may expand or contract according to the temperature and regulate it accordingly. Problems in regulation may be caused by a malfunction of this particular mechanism.


Understanding the heating and cooling mechanisms of your air conditioners can help you understand their malfunctions better. Moreover knowing the problems make it easier for you to contact help accordingly. If you’re aiming to install heating or cooling devices at home then it is always helpful to know how they work beforehand.

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