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Heartwarming Cakes And Flower Combos For All Occasions

When life throws lemons at you, you squeeze them into a martini and party it out. That’s what makes life worth living. We often find ourselves so lost in our fast-paced lives that we forget to pay attention to things that really matter. This is when special occasions come into the picture. They remind us of our purposeful existence, relationships, and traditions and in turn, make us happy and keep us grounded. Talking about occasions, we have to talk about celebrations and history has it that no celebrations are complete without Cakes And Flowers. On that note, let’s talk about some heartwarming Cakes and Flowers combos for all occasions.

White Forest Cake + Lilies

The innocence of the color white is unparalleled. There is a certain level of divinity that this color has that makes it so soothing to the human eye. Inspired by the purity of white, we have a white forest cake and lilies combo. The cake and the flower are both white which is why they complement each other so well. The white forest cake is loaded with the enticing flavor of white chocolate and the scent of vanilla while the lilies carry a fresh smell of their own. The white forest cake and lilies combo are perfect for a wedding.

Chocolate Truffle + Red Roses

The chocolate cake is the most classic cake ever that goes very beautifully with all occasions. The heavenly chocolate truffle cake is a modern take on the basic chocolate cake which is way more chocolaty and is dropping with sweet deliciousness. To go with the romantic chocolate cake, we have lovely red roses. They go so well together because there is a great contrast between them. The chocolate truffle is the darkest shade of brown or black while red roses, as the name suggests, are a deep red color. The chocolate truffle and red roses would go very well together on anniversaries.

Mixed Fruit Cake + Mixed Carnations

Adding some fun element to the celebration called life, we have the exciting mixed fruit cake with mixed carnations combo. The freshness of the mixed fruit cake feels nothing short of breathtaking with the popup shades of mixed carnations. However, for this combo to look even prettier than it already is, make sure to decorate the mixed fruit cake with some fresh fruit on the top. Carnations carry a spicy fragrance which only adds to the adventurous aura of this combo. The mixed fruit cake and mixed carnations are great for birthday parties.

Pineapple Cake + Sunflower

Pineapple cake and sunflowers are the happiest combos ever. Both of these elements stand for mirth and laughter and that’s everything that a good celebration has to have. Also, the bright yellow color of the pineapple cake goes very nicely with the mustard and lemon shades of sunflower. It is just as aesthetically pleasing to look at as it is to eat. The pineapple cake and sunflower combo make for an anytime and anywhere occasion. If you are looking for some celebration suggestions, in particular, you can get them for any celebration of victory or achievement.

Rainbow Cake + chrysanthemum Alaska white

The most colorful cake and flower combo have got to be the rainbow cake and chrysanthemum Alaska white flowers. The rainbow cake has all the lovely colors of the rainbow white the chrysanthemum Alaska white flowers are all white with a pop of yellow in the center. This combo looks and feels very pure which makes it perfect for celebrations related to kids, baby showers. You can also get this combo for a coming-out party for obvious reasons.


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