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HBO Max announces all the details about the platform: no price increase, with Warner movie premieres and more

Warner has finished giving details about HBO Max, the new streaming platform that will replace the traditional version of HBO, and which has already taken its first steps in the United States and Latin America. Spain is one of the first countries in Europe where it will land. It will be next October 26, but there were still doubts about its price, its catalog or its app. Today we have all (or almost all) the answers.

HBO Max: How Much and How

HBO Max will arrive free of charge for all HBO customers, who will be able to switch to the new platform whether they are users of the app or Vodafone. The price It will continue to be 8’99 euros, although there will be a special offer for clients who hire one year from service. This will cost 69.99, that is, the equivalent of eight months instead of the usual twelve.

On the other hand, the platform will undergo a radical facelift, definitely leaving aside what is possibly the most outdated app of all current platforms. The new access to HBO Max will allow up to five profiles, completely customizable in aesthetic terms. HBO Max will go from allowing two simultaneous broadcasts to three, and from five registered devices to an unlimited number of devices. Parental controls will also be improved and the children’s area will be better defined, as well as personalized recommendations for all types of audiences.

More in less time

As for the platform’s catalog, it will benefit from a notable increase in content, although it is not yet clear how much exactly (HBO informs us that we will have more details on this before launch). The Warner Media fund (which includes the complete Harry Potter saga to the Turner Movies classics) becomes part of HBO Max as has also happened in the United States and Latin America, which if it is confirmed in all its magnitude, it will mean a very notable increase in quantity and quality of movies available, reaching “hundreds of hours of new content.” Recent releases such as ‘Space Jam’ or ‘Dune’ have been mentioned, but not if they will be with the departure of HBO Max.

The other great news when it comes to the HBO Max catalog is that lThe films released in theaters by Warner will arrive in just 45 days on HBO Max, in principle without the need to pay premium rates, as in Disney +. It is a very notable reduction of the usual window, and although it leaves behind the simultaneous premiere that Warner has practiced in the United States during 2021, it is a notable change in the rules of the exhibition game from January 1, when it will begin be applied in Spain (that is, with ‘Matrix: Revolutions’ we will have to wait for the usual periods).

Among the novelties that HBO Max has announced in a matter of catalog are:

  • ‘The West Wing of the White House’
  • ‘The OC’
  • ‘… And Just Like That’ (the new season of Sex and the City, starting in December)
  • ‘Scoob!’
  • ‘Joker’
  • ‘Peacemaker’
  • ‘Beforeigners’
  • ‘Come on Juan’

Other major concerns for users, content in 4K, also seems to be resolved on HBO Max, as Warner has announced that part of its catalog (including all from WarnerMedia) will be able to be seen in 4K and with Dolby Atmos. They have not given specific figures, but they do all future Warner theatrical releases will be available under that category, as well as recent releases in the style of ‘Zack Snyder’s Justice League’.

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