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Hangover Headaches: Cause, Symptoms & Treatment

A headache is a pain occurring around your head, scalp, sinuses, and neck. And nausea is discomfort caused in the stomach. Both nausea and headache range from mild to severe and most of the time they occur together.

Talking about hangovers, it is a consequence of having too many alcoholic drinks in a day. The symptoms of hangover do not start showing the moment you drink but take several hours, usually the next morning, as the blood alcohol content drops down to zero. It is not such a big disease that needs any exaggeration but definitely gets serious if not treated properly.

The Causes & Symptoms Of Hangover Headaches & Nausea

As mentioned above, alcohol is the prime cause of hangover headaches and nausea. The fact that alcohol has the ability to affect one’s brain, liver, kidneys, heart, blood vessels, the lining of the stomach, etc is more than enough to explain why hangovers occur after excessive drinking of alcohol.

Alcohol has a toxic nature. Consumption of alcohol can surely make you feel happy, relaxed, and enthusiastic for the time being. But once you exceed your capacity or the desired limit of alcohol consumption your vision starts getting blurred, your reaction time becomes slow, you become unstable and unreliable. Not just this but in many cases, even the speech begins to slur, memory experiences blackouts, vomiting, and slow breathing are also experienced.

There are several medicines for hangover headaches that are available online. These medicines take care of the person after he or she is done binge drinking. Of course, medicine is not always the solution, you need to control your drinking habits in the first place but if that is not the case and you somehow exceed your limit, get medicated as soon as possible.

Tips To Avoid Hangover

The fact that the more you drink more likely you will have a hangover can not be changed by any means. All you can do is avoid a hangover in the first place by limiting yourself to standard drinking. But if that is not the case and you start drinking your heart out even after being aware of the after-effects, all we would suggest is to start looking for the best medicine for hangover headaches beforehand. Here are a few more tips in the same regard.

  • Do not drink with an empty stomach. Always eat something before you get started with drinking or at least have some snacks while you are drinking.
  • Do not rush while you drink. Go as per your pace and keep drinking water as well in between the drinks.
  • Avoid drinking carbonated alcohol drinks as they tend to raise blood alcohol levels faster than any other drink.
  • Avoid smoking along with drinking as it can make your hangover even worse.
  • Lastly, if the thing goes out of control, always keep the best medicines for hangover around.

Tips To Cure Hangover Headache & Nausea

There are several best medicines for hangover headaches and nausea in the market that can be taken to get rid of the situation. But in case this is not possible, here are few tips to consider.

  • If the hangover is driving you crazy, take a drink or two to ease it. Many professionals also say that drinking again doesn’t allow you to recover but again do what is best for you by trying things out both ways.
  • Get as much hydrated as possible. If your hangover makes you sweat, vomit then you might definitely need as much fluid as possible. In case of nausea and headache caused by a hangover, even a few drops of fluids can do wonders. Drinking water is in itself the best medicine for hangover nausea.
  • Get carbohydrates in your system to balance out your low blood sugar level. You should also consider drinking tea or coffee.