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Halo The Master Chief Collection gets crossplay, mods and M&K support on Xbox

343 Industries posted a new blog post about the development update last Friday, detailing their plans for Halo The Master Chief Collection (which recently got Halo 3 on PC). Fans can expect some important features, such as crossplay, mouse and keyboard support on Xbox One, and even later mod support.


  • Crossplay
  • Input based MM
  • Cancel selection region
  • Custom game browser
  • Graphics options per game
  • Audio options per game
  • M&K Support for Xbox
  • PC Fileshare
  • Double keybinds for all games
  • View model changes for all games
  • In game FPS Cap / adjustments
  • Link Steam account
  • Scheduled to release together: Crossplay, Input Based MM and Server Region Selection.
  • Scheduled to release together: Custom game browser, per-game graphics options, and M&K support for Xbox

In addition to the above, we are committed to bringing ODST Campaign & Halo 4 on PC and ODST Firefight (with updated networks) to both Xbox and PC in 2020.


Not much was communicated about us and a lot was asked about it when I spoke to people in the Halo The Master Chief Collection community. Our goal is still to support modding, but due to shifts in development priorities that often occur over the course of a project, modding has been pushing back over the past six months or so. The good news here is that we have reached a point where we can now spend some cycles getting the conversations, design and planning going again. I am also now actively working on the EULA that sets out the basic rules for modding and player-generated content with our legal team.

I understand this will be disappointing news for many of you, but the silver lining here is that the EULA is late. Once it is ready, we will reassess what we can achieve in the short, medium and long term. Modding is close to my heart, so I hope to accelerate this effort sooner.


As we progress through features, it’s also important that we continue to support bugs and quality of life improvements for Halo The Master Chief Collection. Aside from our normal bug fixing efforts, we have a team that will be fully committed to bug fixing in August. This includes areas such as:

  • Performance improvements for all games on both PC and Xbox
  • Improved Uncapped frame rate (lalso look at your Reach & H2A)
  • Community-requested bugs
  • UI / UX Improvements in navigation, selection, customization and many more areas of the game
  • Performance issues

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