Greece: a plan to curb protests leads to protests

Greece: a plan to curb protests leads to protests

The Greek center-right government announced on Monday plans to impose stricter controls on public demonstrations that often block traffic and become violent.

But political opponents say they plan to beat the proposals with mass demonstrations.

The country has a long tradition of public protests, and several recent meetings have been held in support of the Black Lives Matter marches in the United States.

According to a bill that was submitted to parliament at the end of Monday, participation in a protest meeting without police permission can be punishable by up to one year’s imprisonment.

Protest organizers can also be held liable for damage to public or private property during a protest, according to the text of the bill on the Greek Parliament’s website.

The government argues that the changes protect the right to protest and prevent small gatherings from seriously disrupting traffic.

Left opposition parties, including a party that led the previous government, strongly criticized the plan, describing it as a reminder of a right-wing dictatorship in Greece between 1967 and 1974.

A union backed by the Greek Communist Party said it planned to hold mass meetings against the proposals.

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