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Grab the Samsung BAR Plus 64 GB USB today for just $ 11.99

Samsung today offers its BAR Plus flash drive with 64 GB of storage for just $ 11.99. Grab the deal before it’s too late.

Samsung BAR Plus Flash Drive with 64 GB of storage now costs just $ 11.99 and features a transfer speed of 200 MB / s

Whether you’re in school, college, college or work, the trusty old USB stick will always get things done if you just don’t want to use the internet to move things around. Right now, you can get a fairly capable USB drive with 64 GB of storage from Samsung for a low price of just $ 11.99, which will immediately save you $ 11.

Since this is a Samsung product, you can expect it to be great. If you don’t want to take our word for it, what about the fact that this product has a 4.6 stars out of 5 rating?

This flash drive has a regular USB-A port and fits anything and everything with an older USB port. Obviously, if you have a MacBook or an iPad with you, you may want to visit Dongle Town.

Last but not least, this flash drive offers transfer speeds of up to 200MB / s, which is great for moving documents and photos.

Here is a brief overview of the specifications:

Redefine daily file transfers at speeds of up to 200MB / s
Reliable and secure storage for your photos, videos, music and files
Robust metal housing for durability with key ring to prevent loss
Protect your data (waterproof, shock resistant, magnet resistant, temperature resistant, X-ray resistant)
USB 3.1 flash drive with backward compatibility (USB 3.0, USB 2.0)

We highly recommend choosing this deal if you want to treat yourself to a very capable USB flash drive.

Buy Samsung BAR Plus 64GB – 200MB / s USB 3.1 Flash Drive Titan Gray – Was $ 22.99, now only $ 11.99

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