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Google prepares the arrival of free TV channels on its Chromecast

On Chromecasts you can see almost everything: YouTube, Netflix, Prime Video, Disney +, HBO and content from other streaming platforms, but for Google that is not enough and now they want to offer something more: free TV channels.

This is indicated in Protocol, where they reveal that the company wants to make its device even more interesting for users, and they are preparing the free landing of TV channels that would function like traditional television channels, including advertising.

Chromecasts will have “dozens of free channels”

These free channels would avoid the need to install additional applications such as Tivify to access that content, and could be released this fall. It is also possible that they will arrive somewhat later, in early 2022, and thus a joint announcement is made with manufacturers of Smart TVs that would also offer said content on their televisions with Android TV and Google TV.

The proposal – we are seeing a lot of movement in this regard – follows the line of the one proposed by Samsung or LG, which have been very successful in integrating such free channels, also called FAST (for “Free, Ad-supported Streaming Television”) on their platforms.

Content companies such as Weather Channel, Scripps, Reuters or Bloomberg have also begun to create free channels that they can integrate into those catalogs, and although it is not clear what Google’s offer will be, there are expected to be “dozens of free channels” on its platform.

Via | Protocol