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Google is not satisfied with the ‘Pixel Fold’ and is already preparing a second folding phone in the style of Galaxy Z Flip, according to the latest leaks

In addition to the Google Pixel Fold, which would be Google’s first folding device and which would have a 7.6-inch screen in the Galaxy Fold style, the company is preparing a second folding device codenamed ‘Jumbojack’, as reported by 9to5Google.

This second foldable from Google would be different from ‘Passport’, the device that we would see for the end of the year. The name has been found in the code of a future version of Android, referred to as Android 12.1. At the moment there are no great details about this project, but it does anticipate that Google’s commitment to folding mobiles is not the result of one day, but will do so through various devices.

Google, in the footsteps of Samsung

As described by 9to5Google, this new device will have two displays, with one disabling when the device is folded. It is a mechanism equivalent to what we have seen with the latest folding mobile phones from Samsung, a company that on the other hand maintains a close collaboration with Google on projects such as Wear.

There is no description of the size of the screens or more internal specifications, but the name ‘Jumbojack’ may refer to an American hamburger style, implying the folding mobile style. Be it “hamburger” or “hot dog”, depending on the line by which they are folded and referring to the popular way of explaining different types of folding the paper.

While the rumored ‘Pixel Fold’ or the Galaxy Z Fold itself is folded on one side, This folding future would be in the Z Flip style, according to the media speculates who has released the information.

The expected date for the arrival of this new device is unknown. It could be for next year or stay as an internal project to test Android news. We will have to keep track of this new folding, whose development could accelerate after the arrival of the Pixel Fold. While all eyes are on the future Google Pixel 6 Pro, Google is still working to see how they can adapt to these flexible displays.

Via | 9to5Google