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Google claims that it is so popular that the most searched term on its rival Bing is precisely ‘Google’

That is what an Alphabet lawyer pointed out at the General Court of the European Union in Luxembourg. Did it like part of the defense that Google tries to get rid of of the fine of 4,340 million euros that the EU imposed on him in 2018 for abuse of a dominant position.

In this appeal, Google’s strategy consists of trying to show that if they have that dominant position it is because users prefer that search engine. How do they know? Presenting data showing that what is most searched for in its rival Bing is precisely the word ‘Google’.

An argument similar to that already used by Sundar Pichai in 2018

As indicated in Bloomberg, the conclusion of the European Commission in that trial was unfair to Google. “People use Google because they choose to, not because they are forced to“stressed the lawyer.

In fact, he added, “Google’s market share in general search is consistent with consumer surveys showing that 95% of users prefer Google to rival search engines“.

The argument is practically identical to the one Sundar Pichai used defending Android’s position in the market when the European Union accused them in 2018. Its mobile platform “has created more options, not less,” he stated in an article on the company’s official blog.

Vía | Bloomberg