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Google Chrome Beta Suggests Tasty Performance Upgrades

Browsing the web in Google Chrome and using the web app may be much faster as Google tests many new upgrades with the latest beta version of its browser.

According to a new post on the Chromium blog, the search giant is testing new upgrades related to WebCodecs, WebGPU, scheduling, and more with the recently released Chrome 94 beta.

Existing media APIs such as HTMLMediaElement, Media Source Extensions, WebAudio, MediaRecorder, and WebRTC are highly targeted, so low-level codec APIs can be used for streaming games, etc. without increasing network or CPU costs. Better support new applications. An implementation of an existing JavaScript or WebAssembly codec.

For this reason, Google has introduced the WebCodecs API in Chrome 94. It allows programmers to use media components such as video and audio decoders, raw video frames, and image decoders already present in the browser.


The WebGPU API is the successor to both the WebGL and WebGL2 graphics APIs for the web, offering the latest features such as “GPU Computing”, reduced overhead access to GPU hardware, and more predictable performance.

These features are an improvement over the existing WebGL interface, which was originally designed for drawing graphics but was repurposed with great difficulty for other types of calculations.

WebGPU, on the other hand, offers the latest graphics computing features such as Direct3D 12, Metal, and Vulkan to perform rendering and calculations on your computer’s GPU. The additional advantages of WebGPU over previous technologies include the separation of resource management tasks from submission to the GPU, the pipeline state acting as the OS API, and the ability of the graphics driver to do the necessary preparation before rendering. It also includes a binding group that you want to do.

In short, for Chrome end users, this means that Google’s browser will soon be better at displaying web content. The company is currently testing these new features in Chrome 94 Beta and will make them generally available with the release of Chrome 99, which will be released in January next year.

Google Chrome Beta Suggests Tasty Performance Upgrades