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Google Calendar will tell you how much time you spend in meetings per week with charts and statistics: this is the new Workspace productivity feature

Google just announced a new feature for its calendar that will offer users of Workspace, the suite of professional tools for Californians, information on the time spent in meetings per week through graphs and statistics, as announced on their blog.

This new function, called Time Insights, will obtain the user’s calendar data and cross it to offer segmented information, such as the number of hours you have invested in meetings with a single interlocutor, with several, recurring meetings with the team or specific meetings with non-regular people, as new customers. It will also show which people you spend the most time meeting with and allow you to mark the key profiles of a negotiation, to have your contact at hand and facilitate more fluid communication.

Time Insights

Time Insight aspect.

The Time Insights window will appear on the right side of the Google calendar, as can be seen in the images released by Californians, and can only be disabled by users who have administrator functions. Standard accounts will not be able to disable it, but they can minimize it and hide it whenever they want.

Google has emphasized that the information on the time spent in meetings Only the user can see it, not the bosses, unless they have permission to manage other people’s calendar. The objective, they point out, is for the professional to be aware of the time they spend in these meetings and for this information to help them better organize their day, not for their superiors to control their performance.

Time Insights will be activated automatically in the middle of next September for customers of Google Workspace Business Standard, Business Plus, Enterprise Standard, Enterprise Plus, Education Plus and non-profit organizations. No estará disponible para usuarios de Google Workspace Essentials, Business Starter, Enterprise Essentials, Education Fundamentals, Frontline, G Suite Basic y Business.

How the graphs will look about the time the user spends in meetings it is similar to that of application usage statistics that both Google and Apple added long ago to Android and iOs, respectively.