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Google, Apple and now Samsung’s Galaxy Unpacked: the Korean firm schedules an event targeting new mobiles and tablets

Next week is going to be a most interesting week in the world of technology. On Monday October 18 we have Apple Keynote to, probably, know the new Macs; On Tuesday 19 we have an appointment with Google to meet the new Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro and now it is Samsung that joins the party with an Unpacked on Wednesday, October 20.

The event, baptized as Galaxy Unpacked Parte 2, will take place next Wednesday at 4:00 PM, Spanish Peninsular Time. The company has not given many details, but looking at the leaks we can guess what they are likely to present.

New Fan Edition and new tablet, according to leaks

At Samsung’s invitation, the company assures that “our users are multifaceted and live the life of many colorful, interesting and unique ways. Therefore, the technology they use every day must reflect their individuality. “With this event, Samsung intends to inform about” new experiences for self-expression through technology. “

These words do not give too many clues, nor does the video that accompanies the invitation. However, we see several tiles of different colors and that could be an indication of the colors of the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE (Fan Edition). Remember that its predecessor stands out for being available in a very striking colors such as green, blue, pink and red.

However, and while it is true that the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE has been leaked on different occasions and that he hardly keeps secrets at this point, there have been rumors that assure that the terminal would have been canceled due to the shortage of processors. It’s hard to guess, so we’ll have to wait.

On the other hand, at this point in the year it is likely that Samsung will show us the renewal of its high-end tablets. We met the Tab S7 and S7 + in August 2020 and so far they have not known successors, so it would not be surprising if the Korean company take advantage of the event to announce the Tab S8. Speaking of tablets, the Tab A8, which is more modest, has also recently been leaked.