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GMAT Exam Fees in India

GMAT Exam Fees in India

A huge amount of fee needs to be paid if you would like to attempt the exam. It is therefore recommended that you plan well in advance before attempting the exam. This is because you need to pay the fees each time you want to attempt the exam. So, if you plan and prepare for the exam well, you will be able to reach your desired score at the first attempt itself, else chances are that you might end up paying a lot of money if you constantly retake the exam.

The GMAT Exam fee that you have to pay each time you take the exam is $250 or INR 18300. There is however a difference in the fee for each country. Also, due to the current pandemic situation, GMAC has also introduced an online GMAT version of the exam which also costs  $250 everywhere.

If you would like to avail extra services like – rescheduling the exam, cancelling the exam, additional score reports, etc., then you will need to pay extra charges for each of these services.

Below we have listed the cost for each of these services along with the GMAT registration fee as well:

GMAT Services Fees
GMAT Registration fee US $250
Enhanced score report US $30
Score cancellation report (after you leave test centre) US $25
Rescoring for AWA essay US $45
Reinstate score US $50
Cancellation fee*

a)      More than 60 days before test date

b)      15-60 days before appointment

c)      14 days and less before appointment


a)      US $100 refund

b)      US $75 refund

c)      US $50 refund

Additional Score report US $35

The first thing you do after you have finally registered for the test is start preparations. Remember this is a difficult exam, so you need to put in a lot of hard work to prepare for the exam. To begin with, you can take up GMAT practice tests. Let’s give you some more details below as to why taking these practice tests helps.

GMAT Practice Test

Preparing for the GMAT exam is not an easy feat. You will have to spend an adequate time on preparation to attain the desired GMAT score. There are many strategies which you can adopt towards preparing for the GMAT in an efficient manner, we have listed a few of them below.

  • Ensure to have a good study plan, taking into account the amount of time you have left for your GMAT exam.
  • Join focus study groups that will help you connect with your peers and give you an opportunity to understand different viewpoints.
  • Invest in good quality study materials since these will have an impact on your preparation.
  • Attempt sufficient practice tests or mock tests, this is essential since it will give you a clear idea of how the GMAT exam will be conducted and will familiarize you with question patterns and structure of the different sections in the GMAT exam.

As you would be well aware by now the GMAT exam has four main sections — Verbal, Quantitative, Analytical Writing and Integrated Reasoning. Attempting GMAT practice papers will help you understand which topics in the above sections you are good at and which topics you will need to work more on.

While downloading practice tests you should make certain that it is from authentic and reliable sources. Also check if these papers have solved versions available which would help you to understand the concepts easier. Solving these papers will familiarize you with the testing pattern of the GMAT exam. You will know the various difficulty levels of the questions in each section.

The official GMAC provides two sample papers free of charge along with a mini GMAT quiz. You can time yourself while solving these papers to understand the time taken for you to complete each section of the exam. Since the papers are from the creators of the GMAT exam, you will be able to find questions that have appeared in previous year question papers as well.

You must start attempting these GMAT practice tests in two stages, the first is the initial stage of your preparation and the next will be once you are fully prepared for the exam. The initial attempt will give you a glimpse into how much effort you need to put in to reach your desired score and help you to determine your areas of strengths and weaknesses. The second attempt will show you how well you are prepared to take the test.

We hope this article has given you an overview about the GMAT practice tests and its significance in your GMAT preparation.