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Glasses Sweat Because Of The Mask: 4 Solutions To The Problem

Anyone who wears glasses faces or has encountered a problem: while wearing a medical mask, glasses fog up and interfere with a full view. You will not be able to refuse the mask now – as you know, it is designed to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection, and in addition, for traveling in transport or visiting a store without this accessory, you can get a fine of a few dollars. 

Why do glasses fog up at all? This usually happens when the temperature changes, for example, when a person enters a warm room from the street, where it is rather cool. The same happens when a person wears a mask and, accordingly, constantly exhales warm air through it. It gets on the lenses of glasses, which even in a warm room have a lower temperature, condensation is created, glasses fog up.

Here are some tips from doctors – people who wear masks all the time and know exactly how to deal with fogging of glasses.

  • Correct Position Of The Nose Retainer

In fact, the easiest way to ensure that there is no condensation on the lenses of your glasses is to properly position the retainer wire on your nose, which every medical mask has. Do not leave it straight or bend it at an acute angle – this will fog up the glass even more. But if you bend it exactly to the shape of your nose, ensuring that the upper edge of the mask fits snugly against your face, then the exhaled air will come out on the sides of the mask, and the glasses will remain transparent.

By the way, if you prefer to wear a fabric reusable mask that does not have a nose fixer, then you can easily make it yourself from a regular paper clip. The paper clip needs to be unbent and made straight, and then sewn into the upper part of the mask, spreading it along the seam. Done!

  • Soap Rubbed Glasses

I had great doubts about this method, however, it turned out to be very effective.

You need to take dry bar soap, rub the glass from the inside with it. Then you need to polish the glasses with an eyeglass cleaning cloth. Done!

Using a napkin or eyeglass cleaning cloth, you can polish the glass to transparency, so this will not affect the quality of the view. Condensation really does not settle on “soapy” glasses, but in glasses treated in this way, it is better not to get into the rain: getting wet, soap can get on the face or even in the eyes.

  • Anti-fogging Spray

This tool is also called “spray anti-fog”. You can buy it in online hypermarkets, optical stores and even in sports stores, because most often swimmers buy this spray and eyeglass pouches wholesale

The catch lies in the fact that not all such sprays really protect glass from fogging with high quality, so before buying, you should carefully study the reviews on the product. Some customers also complain that these products irritate the skin.

  • Washing With Glycerin Soap

In fact, washing the glasses with soap once again will not hurt, because sebum and cosmetics accumulate on them, dust from the air settles. But if you use soap with a high glycerin content for washing, then this simple action can help against the deposition of condensation on the glasses.

The glasses will not stop fogging at all, however, the moisture deposited on the glasses will instantly evaporate, leaving the lens clean and dry. But the action of glycerin is enough for a short time – only for a few hours.