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Getting an Xbox Series X will still be hell in 2022, and the problem goes beyond chip shortages

In just a month it will be a year since the launch of the Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X, and during all this time getting especially with the most powerful versions, the Xbox Series X, has been an odyssey.

Anyone would think that those initial supply problems would be solved by now, but nothing of that. Phil Spencer, head of the Xbox division, has warned that console shortage problems will continue throughout this year and much of 2022.

We will have to arm ourselves with patience

In an interview with The Wrap Spencer commented on how the production problems of new consoles are not only due to the shortage of chips: “I think it’s too isolating to talk about this as a chip shortage problem“.

In fact Spencer argued that there are many components and parts that are necessary to build a console and to meet global demand, “and there are multiple kinds of pain points in that process.”

For this manager the problem affected them, but also its rivals Sony: “The most disappointing thing is the disappointment of the fans. People really want this new generation of consoles. They are good consoles, both ours and other platforms, and they want the new features. We are working hard to bring them to market, but it is going to be a challenge in which we will be immersed for a while “.

Spencer actually remarked that “I think unfortunately [la escasez de consolas] will be with us for months and months, definitely until the end of this year and for part of next year“.

Via | GamesIndustry